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A dog is a friend of man. As a result, pit bulls and related breeds gained notoriety.

There was even a wave of bans for some of the most species of dogs. For example, in 1991, the Parliament of the United Kingdom officially banned dogs of such dangerous breeds as the Japanese Tosa Inu, Argentine Dogo, Pit Bull and Fila Brasileira.

This initiative was supported by several other countries. Even in those countries where such breeds were officially allowed, it turned out to be rather difficult for owners to conclude an insurance contract.

American Bulldog. These dogs are officially banned in Singapore, Denmark and some other states. The breed has gained fame since the end of the 19th century. It is one of the closest and most intact relatives of the English Bulldog. Initially, the breed appeared in the south of the country, where these bulldogs were used as watchmen. They were specially trained to hunt wild pigs. These creatures weigh several hundred pounds and are quite ferocious. That is why the trained dogs were big, strong and quite dangerous. When attacking its victim, the American Bulldog clung to its throat until its owner approached. The peculiarity of the breed is its high pain threshold. And American Bulldogs weigh from 27 to 54 kilograms.

Bloodhound. Since the Middle Ages, the word "bandog" has been used to refer to large dogs used as guards. Modern bloodhounds have lost their purebredness, they are bred from breeds such as mastiffs and pit bull terriers. The size of such a dog is comparable to a Great Dane. Breeding the breed began in the late 1960s veterinarian John Swinford, she soon became famous. The most famous representative, the Bantu dog, was extremely cruel and famous for its military exploits. Now this breed is banned almost everywhere. And these aggressive animals can weigh from 30 to 50 kg.

Neapolitan Mastiff. Another nickname for the breed is neo. She was born in Italy. Such a mastiff was immediately used as a military by Roman legionnaires. She also acted as a kind of gladiator in bloody fights. Today Neapolitan Mastiffs serve as guards. The breed is large, with wrinkled skin, drooping cheeks and loose coat. It was the Neapolitan Mastiff that was taken as the basis for creating the image of the giant Hagrid from the Harry Potter epic. Dangerous dogs are prohibited by law in Singapore, and in Romania, the owner must go through a preliminary interview with a psychologist before acquiring such a pet.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog (Czechoslovakian wolfdog). This breed was bred in 1955 in Czechoslovakia when crossing a German shepherd with a Carpathian wolf. The intertwined genetic structure has endowed the wolf with an unpredictable character. It's hard to say when she will behave like a wolf, and when - like an ordinary dog. The breed has a distinct prey instinct. That is why sometimes the child is viewed as a potential victim, resulting in cases of attacks on children. In general, the dog is considered a good pet, but in Norway its maintenance is prohibited.

Boerboel. This dog has spread in South Africa. Outwardly, it is somewhat reminiscent of a sports bull. The name of the breed literally means "farm dog" in Dutch. Boerboels take their origins from African and watchdogs. In 1920, the breed appeared on the mainland from Europe, specifically for the protection of diamond copies in South Africa. Dogs are excellent guards, they love children and do not show frank aggression. Huge dogs weigh up to 60 kg and are prohibited in Denmark. Boerboels are very strong and hardy, however, the owner is required to conduct constant exhausting training.

Dogo Argentino. In 1928, the breed was created by Dr. Antonio Martinez. In the process of creation, 10 different breeds took part at once. These are Great Dane, Bordeaux Dog, Irish Wolfhound, English Pointer. Each of them gave the new breed something of its own. Irish Wolfhound - speed, large Pyrenean dog - endurance and white color, Great Dane - height. The breeder bred such Great Danes specifically for hunting mountain lions, pumas. In a pack of five dogs, at least two are suicide bombers, which requires courage from the dogs. They are a real pile of muscles and weigh up to 65 kg. The Dogo Argentino looks like an oversized pit bull. Breeding of this breed is prohibited in 10 countries of the world, including Portugal, Australia and New Zealand. True, despite its terrible appearance, the dog was never used as a fighting dog.

Presa Canario. The Canary Dog is native to Spain. The breed was recognized relatively recently, in 2001. Then the dog was marked by the first case of human murder. The victim died right in the hallway of her house. The owners of that dog were found guilty of murder and sentenced to long prison terms. She guards well and feels her territory, loves calmness. The appearance of an uninvited guest can lead to an outbreak of aggression. A dangerous animal is prohibited in New Zealand and Australia. The history of the development of Great Danes goes back several centuries. They were not bred artificially, this breed developed naturally in the Canary Islands.

Fila Brasileiro. The large Brazilian Mastiff was once used to hunt jaguars and wild boars. The ancestors of the breed are most likely mastiffs. Of all the prohibited dogs, this one is the most naughty. The Brazilian Mastiff is an excellent guardian who distrusts strangers. Some fanciers even appreciate this breed for its aggressiveness. Even at exhibitions, judges are not advised to touch them. This breed is prohibited in the United Kingdom. Although the dog shows loyalty to its owner and his family, numerous guests can cause aggression.

Japanese Tosa Inu. This breed is also called the Japanese Mastiff. She was brought out at one time in the principality of Tosa just for dog fights. Local Japanese dogs interbred with bulldogs, mastiffs, mastiffs and St. Bernards imported from Europe. The result is a breed that can fight silently and is characterized by increased durability. She does not rush at the enemy and does not growl, but tries to press him with her body. Although sales of the Tosa Inu from Japan itself are extremely rare, this breed is prohibited in Malta, Norway, Denmark and other countries.

American Pit Bull Terrier. This dog is a real human horror. Most fears, however, are in vain. Pit bulls were bred from the early bulldogs and terriers specifically for fighting other dogs. In this they really have no equal. This breed is strong, capable of fighting to the end and winning no matter what. However, today, unfortunately, pit bulls are a symbol of dog-related felonies. But an attack on a person is associated only with poor care of the dog and its poor-quality training. Initially, she was not divorced at all to attack people, so she does not show aggression. Do not consider this good-natured pet as a deadly enemy. True, it was banned in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the Canadian province of Ontario and some countries.

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