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Meaning of the name

Dominica in translation from Latin means "God's day", "belonging to God", "born on Sunday".


Little Dominica is a healthy and serene child. She has been brave since childhood, stubborn and touchy. Her character is independent, she does not tolerate collective games, it would be better to tinker with dolls in her own corner, without taking anyone to the company.

Outwardly, she looks like her father, and all her habits are maternal. It's hard to get used to school. Having mastered, he begins to make progress. She has a good memory, she knows many poems by heart and willingly reads them in a circle of friends.

By the age of sixteen, the character of these girls changes: it becomes more difficult, relations with their mother are completely disorganized, a complete misunderstanding arises between them. Later, after getting married, they also cannot find a common language with their mother-in-law and try to live apart from her.

Dominica seeks to establish herself in life, she has good intuition, it is difficult to lead her, and besides, she is suspicious.

Those born in winter are amorous and impulsive: first they commit an act, and then they begin to realize that they acted rashly.

Dominics born in summer are overly kind and spineless, these qualities do not bring them anything good. Some are squeamish.

Born in the fall - women of fashion, dress somewhat unusual, their colors are purple and red. They are lovers of truth, and the "struggle for the truth" often does not end well for them.

These persons are able to complete the most difficult and overwhelming task. As a rule, these are women of the extra-class who arouse sympathy among the people around them.

Rather, they are people of action. It's easier for them to do something than to talk about it. They have a masculine manner to lead and rule. Objective and self-confident.

Very strong will since childhood. There must be people with a balanced psyche around them, otherwise they will completely suppress them. They light up easily, but they always act with consideration. They love to contradict and say no.

These women always carry out their plans. The most important thing for them is to choose a profession. Dominica chooses work to be ordered, even if it involves risk. If they are already interested in art, they will definitely become sculptors or painters. In any case, they manage to circle others.

There is something hidden, unknown, shrouded in mystery in them, which makes people around them wonder about their identity. They are active and trying to make a career in professions related to the category of men.

They are incomparable hostesses, they cook well and know how to entertain guests, skillfully and intelligently use advantageous acquaintances in their own interests. Dominica is very fond of the family, but by nature she is still independent.


You will find true friends in these women. They know how to be friends with both men and women. They love to contradict and say no.

Good receptivity, but no overlaps. They are characterized by restraint, they do not like to expose their feelings on display.

The morality of these women does not keep pace with their actions, like the commissary's baggage for the army. If it suits them, they can change their moral principles.

Women with this type of character feel strong attraction and strive to live life to the fullest. Their sexuality is everything together: delicacy, pleasure, soulful sex, happiness and unhappiness.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Cancer, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Dominic gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, majestic, big, bright, joyful.

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