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Meaning of the name

Donald in Latin means "master of the world."


At an early age, they often get sick, they have an unstable nervous system. In certain situations, they are aggressive, very stubborn. They look like a mother, in character - like a father.

They are talented, but conflicted, so they can often change jobs. With a complex spiritual world, developed imagination, they are very observant. They know how to overcome obstacles and, thanks to their pragmatism, achieve success in life. They love to dig into the smallest detail.

The Donald's are biologists, lawyers, historians, and consultants by profession. In marriage, they give birth to girls, although the spouses would like to have sons more. They drive a car well, love traveling and spend most of their lives on the road. Some of them never reveal their talents.

They are champions of justice, they will always protect their colleagues from the arbitrariness of their superiors. Wherever they work, friends are everywhere around them. Whatever business they undertake, they will bring it to the end. Good sons, although the relationship with the mother is not easy.

In marriage, they are unlucky, often they are harmed by their excessive kindness. They are inquisitive, have a special fondness for adventure literature and are good at pen themselves; there are writers among them. They never impose their opinions. In general, these are very extraordinary people.


Donald gets to know his first woman rather late. He is somewhat impractical, delicate (especially born in the summer), if he is capable of adultery, then having lived with his wife for many years. It happens that only by the age of forty does he begin to realize his sexual capabilities and comprehend what other men knew in his youth.

Having discovered for himself the fullness of the sensations that sex can give, he gets rid of his previously idealized intimate relationships and begins to lead an intense sex life. However, his extraordinary temperament may remain unfulfilled.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Donald gives the impression of something courageous, strong, beautiful.

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