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Meaning of the name

Daria in perevolde means "winner" from ancient Persian.


An intelligent and somewhat impulsive girl Dasha always leads her peers in games. The offender can be quickly put in place by using the cams. Does not accept loneliness, lover of noisy, funny games.

Mother's favorite, she has not been accustomed to housekeeping since childhood, but later Daria's inherent desire for organization and cleanliness forms the appropriate type of character. Dasha's desk is usually tidy, she doesn't have to spend hours looking for a lost fountain pen.

Dasha is not one of those who will pore over her homework, although, as a rule, she studies well - her inherent ingenuity helps out, but she clearly lacks perseverance and hard work.

The guys in the class are afraid of her sharp tongue, the teachers see her as their assistant, and Daria herself is not averse to leading the children, although, in principle, social work is not her element, she will always try to evade her.

Knits well, likes to dress tastefully. Moderately uses makeup. Big dreamer. In love. Cope with the work of an insurance agent, journalist, psychologist.

Daria lives in the present and looks to the future. Energetic, active, endowed with abilities, she is least of all inclined to look back at the past and is of the opinion that life should be started from scratch. Daria starts her this way - having deleted from her life everything that can somehow injure her husband.

In the present, she takes only what will allow her and her husband to feel happy. Daria immediately establishes good relations with her husband's relatives, invites them to visit, tries to meet in such a way as to please.

Likes to preserve. The household is economical. Protects the husband's pride, avoids making comments to him in the presence of strangers.

This is a woman with strong, quickly emerging feelings, but not reckless. Decisiveness in thoughts and actions, authoritarianism and unpredictability of judgments. She is open to the world and evaluates what is happening quite soberly.

Likes to surround himself with people. At the slightest criticism, she gets lost, experiences a feeling of anxiety, all the time thinking about whether she acted badly or well, loved her or not? She is not capable of being angry for a long time.

Changes his place of work often. The work of a journalist, psychologist, insurance agent suits her best.

In business, Daria can go pretty far. The team loves her, but they are afraid. Can lead a group, a brigade, a small community, being a uniting and rallying beginning.

Subordinates respect her, and her superiors (even if she occupies the smallest, rank-and-file position) are afraid and try to behave with her more or less restrained. Its excellent feature is to bring any business started to completion.

Daria should not smoke, as she is prone to diseases of the lungs and bronchi.


Honoring a man with her attention, Daria clearly distinguishes between love and sex. Usually Dasha does not cause erotic emotions in men, and she herself may not feel love for those who arouse sexual attraction in her.

In sex, she is distinguished by her spontaneity, spontaneity. There are no forbidden topics for her, she likes to say hot, sometimes shameless words to a man during intimacy. The more attached she is to a man, the more explicit her sexual behavior. Whatever it is, she always gets satisfaction.

With her strong character, Daria is able to destroy close relationships, giving her lover incredible mental suffering. She is jealous, domineering, does not tolerate infidelity, her man should belong to her body and soul.

Often, Daria is drawn to a weak man, somewhat flawed, the weakness and unhappiness of a man can serve as a kind of sexual stimuli for her. Daria, of course, is one of the most interesting partners for those men who will be able to find the key to her.

Daria, born in the summer, loses the ability for productive creative work if there is no strong sexual man next to her. She is reliable and a little sentimental, although she tries not to show it.

Daria's love requires a certain level of comfort, she is distinguished by sensitivity to external influences. In intimate relationships, first of all, she is afraid of the ordinary, they should be a holiday for her.

In marriage, Daria tries to maintain independence, but does not change her husband. She is not very interested in her husband's stormy intimate life before marriage.


Bright red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Scorpio, Gemini.


The sound of the name Daria gives the impression of something good, majestic, rough, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, mobile, active, bright, joyful.

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