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Children get a lot of injuries when they play with seemingly innocent toys. The American magazine "Radar" has compiled and compiled a list of the most dangerous toys for children in history.

Although it is customary to write on them, from what age is it safe to use, but such things are dangerous to use even for adults! As a result of handling such toys, children receive mutilated limbs, poisoning, and radiation exposure. In the United States alone, at least 8 million dangerous toys are seized annually.

Dangerous darts. Everyone knows that you have to be extremely careful with darts. Jarts' pointed arrows have caused nearly 7,000 injuries during the game. At the same time, seemingly innocent darts cost the lives of four children. Jarts are lawn darts. This variation of the game uses giant darts with sharp metal heads. The game was finally banned in 1988.

Young physicist set. A.C. Gilbert Companу designs and manufactures toys. Its founder, Alfred Gilbert, once launched a kit for young physicists. Previously, there was already a successful experience - young chemists and biologists received toy microscopes, reagents and pipettes at their disposal. But in 1951, an unusual toy appeared on sale - the U-238 Atomic Energy Lab. Perhaps it was created with the coming atomic era in mind. So it was proposed to young scientists to learn how to use a Geiger counter, an electroscope, a spinthariscope. The set included a book with the main provisions of nuclear physics. But the highlight of the kit was the samples of Uranium-238, which was then still considered harmless. It was only a few years later that it became known that this isotope is the cause of many serious diseases, including cancer and leukemia. The young physicist's kit could be purchased for only $ 50, however, it was on sale for only one year.

Dangerous hammocks. EZ Sale launched mini hammocks for children in the mid-80s. However, the toy turned out to be terrible due to its ill-conceived design. Although it seemed that there could be nothing dangerous in a hammock for $ 4. There are no exploding parts or sharp ends here. As a result, dozens of almost strangled children aged 5 to 17 have become victims of hammocks over 8 years of sales. The results of a special investigation on this matter were published at the time by Washington Profile. The fastening pattern was unstable, and the non-stretchable nylon thread allowed children to get tangled.

Rubber monster. Mattel has become world famous for its Barbie doll. However, among other toys from the manufacturer, there was one that entered the rating of the most terrible. In 1996, the Cabbage Patch doll appeared on the shelves. The amusing toy could chew with its jaws. She should have been fed with special plastic food. However, children love to experiment, and as a result, the rubber monster chewed on several children's fingers, ripping out a lot of hair. In total, the creature gnawed 35 fingers! Today the toy can only be found in private collections of fans.

Winged fairy. In 1994, the winged fairy Sky Dancer appeared on store shelves. This is not at all a terrible outwardly toy released by the company Galoob Toys. Even the New York Times, describing the fairy, predicted commercial success for her. It seemed that the hegemony of Barbie came to an end. And safety seemed to be guaranteed by soft feathers on the toy, from which there could be no harm. The fairy figurine is located on a beautiful stand. The toy was powered by a motor. From him, the doll began to spin on one leg and flap its wings. But as soon as the child touched the toy, it seemed to go crazy. The result is numerous knocked-out teeth, broken ribs and deep wounds on the body. Sales were curtailed after 150 requests from parents whose children were suffering from the hard flying of a toy. You can't give such a dangerous thing to an enemy.

Pistol buckle. The next place in the rating of terrible toys is taken by the Bat Masterson Derringer Belt Gun. In the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn" this is exactly what was used to shoot vampires. Every ten year old had a dream of such a hidden weapon. He was released on sale. Only now the manufacturer did not take into account one drawback of his weapon. A buckle-attached pistol fired heavy plugs sideways. But the toy often worked on its own if the children were just bent over or straining their stomachs. The cork left quite serious bruises on the body.

Hot insects. In 1964, the Creepy Crawler playset was released. The children were asked to heat the tiles to 300 degrees, melt the jelly-like substance there and fill in the forms of various insects. But hot molds led to frequent finger burns, and is also a potential fire source. It also turned out that the figurines of the melted scary insects themselves were quite toxic.

Toy gun. In 1961, any kid could get Johnny Rebb's 30-inch toy gun for as little as $ 12. It was a replica of a weapon used in the United States during the Civil War. The cannon could fire small plastic balls that were set in motion by a strong spring. As a result, toy cannonballs flew up to 10 meters, but there was no way to aim. The balls got into the eyes and mouth, broke windows.

A dangerous rocket launcher. The popularity of Battlestar Galactica has led to numerous toys associated with the film. Among them is the rocket launcher, which went on sale in 1978. Small weapons fired plastic bullets using pneumatics. But just a year later, Mattel was forced to withdraw its products from circulation. Parents filed numerous claims for damage to the eyes and even intestines of children, even one death was recorded - the child suffocated. The company then paid $ 14 million.

Crazy motorcycle. The kid's motorcycle looks pretty cute. But it turns out that under the innocent appearance of this vehicle, and even with a sidecar, there is a hellish machine. The bike was electrically powered, but the throttle button often sank. Parents watched in horror as their children crashed into the very first obstacle at a decent speed, unable to slow down. Fischer-Price received several lawsuits for broken limbs and was forced to withdraw from sale 218 thousand already produced motorcycles.

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