The most dangerous airlines in the world

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Many are afraid to fly by air, because they are afraid of quite frequent crashes of liners. Someone provides service at the highest level, and someone uses already decommissioned aircraft, without bothering themselves with preventive inspection and repair.

In general, comparing statistics for different companies is rather difficult. After all, they are present on the market for a different amount of time, fly with different frequencies, and carry different numbers of passengers.

But the American magazine Askmen managed to make such a rating, identifying the most dangerous airlines in the world. In this case, we are talking about those large companies that operate transcontinental flights.

Garuda. This national Indonesian carrier performed so poorly that in 2007 a ban was even imposed on flights of the company's aircraft to Europe. After a couple of years, this ban was lifted. Today, Garuda liners fly not only throughout Asia, but also to Amsterdam. Not so long ago, the carrier was even awarded the title "Most Significant Breakthrough in Quality". Only now there is no escape from statistics. Garuda aircraft suffered 4 plane crashes, killing a total of 431 people. The most famous accident happened in 1997. Then the plane got into a line of smoke from forest fires and crashed into the mountains. The disaster claimed the lives of 234 people. All in all, Garuda liners made more than 2 million flights.

Thai Airways. The largest air carrier in Thailand has already celebrated its 50th anniversary. During this time, the company has received many awards for the quality of its customer service. For example, in 2006, Thai Airways received awards not only for "Best Airline in the World", but also for "Best Crew". The next year, the carrier was again nominated for the title of the best. Even the hygiene on board the ships is excellent, which is reflected in the awarding of awards from the World Health Organization. However, this is today, but in the 1980s and 1990s it was unsafe to fly by this company's aircraft. Line incidents happened one after another. The largest accident occurred in 1992, when 113 people died as a result of the crash. In total, the carrier carried out about 2 million flights, 352 people died in 4 accidents.

Avianca. This company has the longest flight history in the entire Western Hemisphere. The first liners of this carrier took to the skies in 1919, at the very dawn of the history of this type of transport. Today Avianca has the most modern liners in all of South America. However, the carrier's reputation is not cloudless. In the 1980s, the planes were chosen by Colombian drug lords to carry out intimidating attacks. A plane that crashed in Madrid in 1983 was added to the sad list. Then 181 people died. In total, the company operated 1.47 million flights, 4 major accidents claimed 500 lives.

Pakistan International Airlines. The main and state air carrier of Iran was born in 1955. It carries out transportation to 25 countries of the world. Although the company started operating in the newly created state, it has always followed the global fashion in the aviation industry. For example, it was PIA that became the first carrier in Asia to use jet aircraft. But there have been many incidents with this company. The loudest happened in 1992, when 167 people died. The company's plane crashed into the mountain due to poor visibility. In total, in its history, the carrier has carried out 1.43 million flights. As a result of 5 crashes, 440 people died.

Egyptair. This airline is the largest in all of Africa. It carries out flights in 70 directions, covering the entire globe. Every year the planes of the Egyptian company carry 10 million people. But in the 1970s, the company took a bad name. The fact is that pilots made mistakes especially often, and besides, planes became the target of terrorists. The largest disaster then claimed the lives of 217 people and it happened over the Atlantic Ocean. When decrypting the black boxes, the experts unequivocally determined that the crew commander was to blame. In total, the carrier carried out 1.07 million flights, 402 people died in 4 accidents.

Kenya Airways. When the tourism industry in Kenya grew at an unprecedented rate, the airline was created to meet its needs in 1977. And letting on her account only 2 disasters, in which only 283 people died. But after all, relatively few flights were performed for the entire time - 450 thousand. Such statistics are alarming. It is worth noting that both tragic incidents took place in the last decade, at the same time at night. In 2000, a Kenya Airways plane crashed into the Atlantic with 169 passengers on board, and in 2007 the plane fell into swamps, killing 114 people.

Philippine Airlines. This national carrier was established in the Philippines in 1941. We can safely say that the company was included in the list of the most dangerous not through its own fault, but due to a coincidence of unfortunate circumstances. Its flights were chosen by terrorists, otherwise the statistics would be simply perfect. Over the 70-year history of this carrier, the planes were blown up at least three times, and one more time the liner was hijacked by terrorists. Although the number of accidents is alarming, relatively few people died in them. Most of the victims were due to the bomb exploded in the toilet. Then the plane fell apart in the air, and 36 people died. In 1994, the terrorist again chose the same location for the improvised explosive device. However, this time it didn't work as planned. One person was killed, and the liner was planted on the ground. In total, the airline operated 1.18 million flights. In 6 accidents, a total of 107 people died.

Iran Air. Until the Islamic Revolution broke out in the country in 1979, it was this carrier that was considered official in Iran. After the change in political course, the affairs of the airlines began to deteriorate rapidly. The number of international flights began to decline steadily. As a result, the European Commission not so long ago banned Iran Air from operating flights to the EU countries. There were many reasons for making such a decision. The fact is that over the past 10 years, the carrier has had three liner crashes at once. One of them, fortunately, did without human casualties. The biggest accident happened in 1988 in Paris. Then 300 people died at once. And such sad statistics are noted for only 870 thousand flights. There were 5 accidents in them and 708 people died.

China Airlines. This Chinese national carrier is one of the largest in Asia. Surprisingly, its headquarters are in Taiwan. It is not clear why, but it was with the aircraft of this company that a large number of accidents occurred with numerous human casualties. The most famous one happened in 2002 during the Taiwan-Hong Kong flight. Then 225 people died. The commission investigating the disaster concluded that the overly old technology was to blame for everything. The airline quickly got rid of this type of aircraft. Currently, the average age of her liners is only 7 years. An interesting fact - for several years now, radio communication has inexplicably disappeared on China Airlines planes flying over the territory of the Czech Republic. Because of this, fighters were even raised into the air. In total, the carrier has carried out 910 thousand flights. 763 people died in 6 accidents.

Cubana Airlines. The Cuban company appeared in 1929 and became one of the first commercial air carriers in the world. The national operator of Liberty Island has a fleet of liners that have survived since the days of the Soviet Union. Basically, these are the outdated Ilyushins and Antonovs. Is it worth it to be surprised after such a large number of accidents on the lines? Although today the company's management is working to replace the fleet, it is worth thinking about flights in Cubana Airlines planes. True, the last sad incident took place in 1999. In total, during its history, the carrier has carried out 320 thousand flights. In 8 accidents, 404 people died.

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