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Bingwen - flamboyant and cultured
Bojing - delighted with victory
Bokin - respect for the winner
Bolin - Big Brother Rain
Bohai - Big Brother Sea
Bay - white

Veij - great sage
Weymin - bringing greatness (to people)
Weisheng - born great
Weiyuan - preserving the depths
Wei - greatness or impressive energy
Wenkang - processing
Wenyan - purified and virtuous
Wuzhou - five continents

Ganges - welfare
Genghis - true
Hong Kong - big or wild swan
Guang - easy
Guangli - bright
Guway - state
Gui - honorable or honorable
Guoji - state order
Guoliang - a country can be kind
Guren - evaluation of benevolence

Yes - achievement
Delune - a virtuous order
Deming - dignity
Janji - beautiful and outstanding
Geming - revolution
Jen is the root
Gian is healthy
Jiang - Yangtze River
Jianguo - state system
Jianjun - Army Building
Jianyu - Building the Universe
Jing - capital (city)
Jingguo - Governor of the State
Jinging - the golden mirror
Jinhei - golden, marine
Dingxiang - stability and prosperity
Dong - oriental or winter
Dongay - eastern, sea
Duy - independent, whole
Day - tension

Jikiang - strong desire
Zhong - loyal, steady

Zedong - living east of the swamp
Zemin - approved by people
Zengguang - magnifying light
Zian - Peaceful
Ziksin - faith
Zihao - the heroic son
Zongmeng - taking Mencius as a model
Zen - surprised
Zhangjong - vertical and loyal
Zengsheng - may a government rise

Yingji - Heroic
Iingpei - admirable
Yongzeng - vertical
Yongliang - bright
Yongnian - eternal years
Yongrui is always lucky

Yi - bright

Kang - welfare
Key - unprecedented
Kiang - strong
Kianfan - a thousand sails
Kikiang - enlightenment and strength
Kingshan - a celebration of excellence
Kingsheng - birthday celebration
Kiu - autumn
Xiaauen - filial, civic duty
Xianliang - decent brightness
Xiaobo - the little wrestler
Xiaodan - a little dawn
Xiaojian - healthy
Xiaozi - filial thoughts
Xiaosheng - small birth
Xin - new
Xing - emerging
Xiu - grown
Xu - diligent
Xuekin - snow-white celery
Xueyu - diligent and friendly
Kuang - spring (water)

Lei - thunder
Lee - vertical
Liang - bright
Livay - making profit and greatness
Ling - Compassionate, Understanding
Liu - current
Longway - the greatness of the dragon

Mengyao - can a child be as good and wise as Mencius and Yao
Mingli - flamboyant relevance
Minj - sensitive and wise
Minsheng - the voice of the people

Nianzu - thinking about ancestors

Peng - Roc bird (bird from the legend)
Pengfei - bird flight
Ping - steady

Renshu - benevolent abstinence
Rong - military
Ruthenium - scientist

Siyu - thinking about the world
Xiangjiang - circling in the air (like a bird)

Tao - big waves
Tengfei - increase
Tingzh - may the judgment be wise

Fa is outstanding
Fang - honest
Feng - sharp blade or wind
Fengj - Phoenix Bird
Branch - waves
Fu is rich
Fuhua - prosperous

Hang - flood
Heng - eternal
Hee is a yellow river
Hongki is a red flag
Hongui - shine
Juan - happiness
Hui - shine
Huojin - metal
Hey - sea

Changming is always bright
Changpu is always simple
Chao - excess
Chaoxiang - awaiting welfare
Cheng - achieved
Chengley - large
Chongan - Second Brother's World
Jeonggun - the mountain of the second brother
Chonglin - the unicorn of the second brother
Chuanli - conveying propriety

Shining - the world
Shang - mountain
Shanyuan - top of the mountain
Shen - cautious or deep
Shi - front horizontal bar on a wagon or cart
Shirong - Academic Honor
Shoushan - a mountain of longevity
Shunyuan - next to the source

Eyguo - the land of love, patriot
Enlay - benefit

Yu is a friend
Yuangjong - owner of the Yuan River
Yun is brave
Yunksu - cloudy void
Yusheng - jade birth
Yusheng - steady and determined

Yang is a sample
Yangling - swallow forest or Peking forest
Yaozu - ancestor worshiper
Yaoting - respect for the courtyard
Yaochuan - river worshiper

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