Bulgarian female names

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Alexandra - protector of humanity
Alexandrina - protector of humanity

Bead - pearl
Billiana - grass
Bogdana - a gift from God
Bogna is a gift from God
Borislav - the glory of the battle
Boyana - battle

Cornflower - queen
Violeta - purple or purple flower

Dana is a gift from God
Desislava - glory
Gergana - Farmer
Donka is invaluable

Zhivka - live, mobile

Willow is a good god
Ivana is a good god
Ivanka is a good god
Yvette - yew tree
Yoana is a good god
Yordanka - flowing down
Spark - spark

Lala - tulip
Lydia - from Lydia
Liliana - lily
Lyudmila - sweet to people

May - mother

Nevena - marigolds
Nadezhda is hope
Nikolina - victory of people

Penka - rock, stone

Glad - happy
Raina is the queen
Radka is happy
Raya is the queen
Rositsa - dew

Silvia - from the forest
Snezhana - the woman of the snow
Parking lot - standing

Teresa the reaper
Todorka - a gift from God
Colors - flower
Flower - flower

Philippa is a horse lover

Christina is a Christian

Evdokia - a good desire
Elizabeth - God is my oath
Emilia is a rival

Yana is a good god

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