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Meaning of the name

Translated from the Old Church Slavonic means "given by God."


The name consists of two completely equal parts, which leaves a kind of imprint on its energy. Most often this is manifested in the fact that Bogdan has a sufficiently mobile mind, which in some cases can even become dodgy, which opens up to Bogdan the possibility of the existence of his second "I" hidden from human eyes.

It also happens that the most contradictory qualities quietly coexist in Bogdan's soul, which nevertheless do not lead to internal conflict: after all, it is not emotions that govern the balanced Bogdan, but rather he uses opposite sides of his character for any specific purposes.

He is a player with good artistic ability, which usually allows him to perfectly adapt to a variety of situations. this ability is further enhanced by the sufficient rarity of the name; often Bogdan becomes too noticeable against the background of the general environment, and in order to avoid undue influence from society, he inevitably has to be an artist.

In addition, even though the "God-given" meaning of the name has long been erased, it is more than obvious to Bogdan himself, and this can give him confidence in his abilities, and at the same time inspire ambitious thoughts. However, more often than not, for the logical Bogdan, purely material problems prevail over ambition.

In general, one can expect that Bogdan's life will turn out quite successfully, he is hardworking and persistent and often not inclined to hesitate in choosing the means to achieve his goals. However, for full happiness, he often lacks simple warmth in relations with loved ones.

Bogdan is often a long-awaited, late child. Parents give this name to those children whose birth was associated with great anxiety and fear. As a child, Bogdan is often sick, catches cold easily, and his mother indulges all his whims. The father is not allowed to raise his son.

The child is very attached to the mother, is jealous of those who "take" her away from him, and may throw a tantrum if she decides to chat with a friend. With children it fits badly. At school, he is usually friends with someone who enjoys authority with his comrades and can protect him.

He studies medium. He has abilities, even talent, but laziness, which passes over the years, prevents them from fully developing. Adult Bogdan is a calm person who knows his own worth. He seeks to settle well and thoroughly in life. Can achieve high skill in a profession that is specific, not requiring inspiration and improvisation. With others, he is closed and dry. Frivolous.

In family life, Bogdan strives for unconditional leadership. In his wife he appreciates humility, keeps her in strictness, is even able to shout at her in the presence of strangers. He's not only like that with his wife. Many people notice in him arrogance and categoricalness, adherence to principles and stubbornness are not always appropriate. After drinking, Bogdan begins to argue about the most insignificant matter, not trying to grasp the essence of the dispute or the arguments of the opponent.

However, he has many qualities that make him a good husband. For example, he is persistent in looking for additional income, makes good crafts, and is economical. The only thing he does not spare money for is rest. He likes to go on vacation with the whole family.

Bogdan is monogamous and becomes unrecognizable in jealousy. Negative qualities are slightly softened in the "spring" and "summer" Bogdans.


Bogdan is a dreamer, he is immersed in himself and very smug. This is a deeply intuitive nature, he is distinguished by loyalty and a jealous, stubborn character. He absolutely does not accept the infidelity of his wife and is capable, if such is revealed, of an immediate divorce.

In communicating with a partner, the main thing for him is spiritual closeness, understanding, similarity of intellectual interests. He is not able to create an alliance with every woman.

He is not at all indifferent to sex, but does not like to advertise his connections, does not tolerate conversations on intimate topics - those that men often lead among themselves. He can take care of a woman for a long time, meet with her, show various signs of attention before deciding on intimacy. Although by nature Bogdan is restrained and not daring, he is capable of making the most risky decisions.

Bogdan most often marries the partner he has known for a long time. He may have love affairs on the side - he is not at all alien to entertainment.

Bogdan loves variety in the emotional sphere and from time to time makes life difficult for himself. He is noble; no matter what happens, his chosen one can always rely on him. In any situation, she does not lose her presence of mind.

He is sentimental, but tries not to show it, his reliability gives a woman confidence and has an inspiring effect on her. Communicating with Bogdan, a woman always feels completely safe.

A frivolous woman is not able to win his trust; subtle intuition often protects him from disappointment and deception. He wants to know for sure that his girlfriend belongs exclusively to him, and only then is he able to feel the fullness of sexual experiences.

He places high demands on his future wife, so it may take years before he makes his choice. He is very afraid to make mistakes, because an unsuccessful marriage can unsettle him for a long time and deprive him of self-confidence.

Bogdan marries late, as a rule, to a partner whom he has known for a long time and has been dating her for a long time. He loves entertainment, but the girlfriend with whom he is just having fun is unlikely to become his wife. A good family man and owner. He lives with family problems, is very devoted to her.

The wife next to him feels like behind a stone wall. In a family union, he primarily values ​​stability and confidence in a happy future.



A rock

Green marble.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Bogdan gives the impression of something good, majestic, rough, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, big, agile, fast, active, bright.

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