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Meaning of the name

Bertha translated from ancient German means "bright", "light", "magnificent".


Obedient, kind, flexible and balanced and unobtrusive child. She is closer to her father than to her mother, and in general she is completely similar to her father. Very judicious. Hardworking, good at sewing and knitting.

Berts are amorous, but when they get married, they become exemplary wives. True, they try to completely subjugate their husband, and quarrels often arise in the family. They often marry the military.

If Bertha has the opportunity, she will definitely resort to the help of the servants and give her every command. And, nevertheless, Bertha is a kind person.

They need a wide-open window into the world, they need an audience, since they are actresses at heart. Strong will. These girls do not interfere with the mind to guide their will.

They are absolutely not objective. But, even worse, they have "their own" husband, "their" home, "their own" life. They rush through life like a mad hurricane. They do everything in a row, they will try everything, they have no problems with choosing a profession.

These are decisive ladies who know what they want. Sometimes they work in two places at the same time: for example, they can be teachers, and in the evenings they can play in an orchestra.

Excellent intuition. They say about them: "she just has a nose ...". They see the hidden aspects of the case, see through people and read their thoughts. A living mind of a synthetic type. He catches everything on the fly. They have an excellent memory, especially well and for a long time remember the wrongs inflicted on them.

Overall health is not bad, but sometimes they feel incomprehensible malaise, most often of mental origin. They need to "listen to themselves." The weak point of their body is the intestines.

These women just need to be around people. In a good mood, they can be quite adorable!


A rather strong excitability leads this woman to rash decisions, to uncontrollable and unpredictable actions.

With enviable ease they adapt to friends from a very different environment and just as easily tame them.

Sexual satisfaction and love are closely linked with each other, at the same time, she views sex as a means of achieving mental comfort and a way to tie a man to herself, to achieve strong family relationships.

Bertha belongs to the type of women who harmoniously combine romantic and sexual traits, enveloping intimacy with a man in a halo of romance.

She knows how to balance the demands on herself with the demands on the partner, correctly assess her sexual capabilities and, if she seeks to lead the sexual process, then so as not to humiliate the dignity of the man.

Berta loves to enjoy the sensuality of her partner, love foreplay gives her inexplicable bliss, erotic games can bring her into a state of irrepressible desire.

If Bertha does not climax, this is enough reason for her to break up with her partner without giving any reason. Giving the man her whole feeling, she wants to receive from him in full.


Bright red.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of Bert's name gives the impression of something safe, cheerful, agile, fast, bright.

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