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The pool, located by the cliff or right in your room, the color of snow or blood, imitating a sandy beach or icebergs ... All this splendor can be seen not only in your own dreams. There are no design restrictions for them.

Oddly enough, most of the unusual pools are available to the general public, and only a small fraction of the water beauty is open only to wealthy people. This article brings to your attention the most original swimming pools around the world.

Icebergs, Sydney, Australia. In the capital of Australia, Sydney, on one of the most famous beaches in the country, there is a pool with an intriguing name: "Icebergs". This is not only the first, but also the only outdoor pool for winter swimming in the world. It was founded in 1929 by a group of Australian lifeguards. The Bondi Icebergs Club has about 700 athletes. On the first Saturday in May, the opening ceremony for the winter season takes place in Australia. On this momentous day, all participants of the swim, before the start, solemnly throw pieces of ice directly into the pool, and then jump into it together. Vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views of the Bondi Beach and watch the waves crash on the Icebergs. This pool is available to anyone who wishes to swim. The pleasure will only cost around 5 Australian dollars.

Neptune Basin, Hearst Castle, California, USA. In the USA, California, there is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world. It was built in the style of ancient Greek and Roman buildings. The Neptune basin is lined with white marble. It is a completely airy building with a colonnade pierced by the sun and a statue of the Lord of the Seas. The pool is 34 meters long and the depth varies from 1 to 3 meters. The facade resembles a Greek temple. Luxurious indoor heated Roman pool completely covered with Venetian glass mosaics and gold coinage. Beautiful interior decorations - ancient Egyptian artifacts and sculptures of the Italian Renaissance. But not everyone can swim in the pools. Ordinary tourists are forbidden to swim in the pond in which William Randolph Hearst himself once swam, a famous American media mogul, as well as the main newspaper publisher of the 20th century, who made a fortune on gossip and scandalous news.

Pool at the Joule Hotel, Dallas, USA. An amazing swimming pool is located on the tenth floor of the American SPA-hotel Joule. It really hangs from the very edge of the building. Thanks to the transparent front wall made of durable glass, swimmers have the opportunity to observe the world around them right from under the water. Only hotel guests can swim at such a height (even journalists are not allowed to take pictures of it just like that). So swimming in the pool is easy if you're willing to pay for an expensive room at this five-star hotel.

Swimming pool at Alila Ubud hotel, Bali. Looking for inspiration and tranquility? Surrounded by rainforest, the five-star Alila Ubud complex will serve as a haven for you. Vacationers have a great opportunity to enjoy the magical landscapes of Bali. An extraordinary pool with soothing, emerald green water seems to float above the valley of the turbulent Ayung River. The main highlight of this place is the absence of sides, which makes it seem endless. The magic illusion is enhanced by the fact that the terrace offers an incredible panorama of the island's foothills. The reservoir is so skillfully inscribed into the environment and natural landscape that its boundaries literally dissolve, merging with the sky and amazing the imagination.

San Alfonso del Maar, Algarrobo, Chile. The huge pool stretches on the southern coast of Chile, in the Algarrobo. Its length is 1013 meters, and its depth is 35 meters. The construction cost $ 1.6 billion and took almost five years. The pool is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest pool in the world - its area is more than 8 hectares, which allows even sailing competitions to be held in it! Every vacationer can rent a boat and make their little trip. The pool is filled with seawater that comes directly from the ocean through special filters. There are cozy beaches around. Even at night, the sand remains warm on them - the artificial coast is equipped with a special system for heating the surface. Not far from the reservoir there are many restaurants and other establishments that are traditional for any beach. About $ 4 million is spent annually to support the pool.

Gellert, Budapest, Hungary. The Gellert Bath, located at the foot of the mountain of the same name, is the most famous and at the same time the most expensive in Budapest. These warm springs have been known since the Middle Ages. Later, Turkish baths were built on them, so valuable due to the beneficial effect of the local waters. The current complex was built in 1918. In 1927, a beach and wave pool were created. And already in 1934, reservoirs with medicinal water were built. This place looks so majestic that it resembles a cathedral. The interior design uses Turkish ornaments with ceramics in the Art Nouveau style. The hall is decorated with numerous statues, marble columns and stained glass windows. The medical complex consists of thirteen pools. But, nevertheless, the main attraction is the main bath. Its water comes directly from medicinal thermal springs.

Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany. Translated from German, the name of the pool means "bathing ship". This is perhaps the most unusual artificial reservoir not only in the capital of Germany, but in the whole world. When this structure was being built, no one would have thought that it would become a pool. After all, this is a former barge! Badeschiff was opened in 2004 in order to provide Berliners with the opportunity to enjoy the clear waters of the Spree River. Indeed, the river water itself today is too polluted. In summer, the pool is open-air, which gives you the opportunity to admire the panorama of the city. In winter, the barge is covered with a special awning and turns into a "floating sauna". The pool is equipped with a bar and there are regular performances by various DJs.

Swimming pool at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. An amazing pool recently opened in Singapore. It belongs to the Marina Bay Sands hotel complex. There is an artificial reservoir on the roof of 200-meter towers with a wonderful view of the Marina Bay. The water in it flows smoothly along the edge, flowing into the drain, and then back into the pool. Its length is 150 meters. The terrace can accommodate almost 4 thousand people. The fantastic design is by an Israeli-Canadian architect named Moshe Sadfie. $ 5.7 billion was spent on the construction of the unique complex.

Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada. The scariest of all the unusual pools in the world is located at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas. Its construction as a whole cost almost $ 30 million. The original design gives the impression that you are swimming with the sharks! Although at the very grandfather, this is not entirely the case. The pool is located around a huge reservoir with the most beautiful marine flora and fauna. If you want a real extreme vacation, and you are not panicky afraid of various inhabitants of the sea depths - this pool is exactly what you need. The complex has three levels. A special glass pipe runs right through the reservoir, through which vacationers rush inside the aquarium. She is a barrier to tourists from sharks. In addition, there are many slides, waterfalls and other water activities. And how else - this is Las Vegas!

Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium. It is easy to guess that the complex got its name as a result of the combination of the name of the well-known captain, invented by Jules Verne, and the maximum depth of the reservoir. Previously, this pool was considered the deepest in the world. However, in 2007, this title passed to San Alfonso Del Mar. However, the Belgian Nemo 33 is still the deepest indoor pool. The developer of this project is diving expert John Beernar. The basic idea of ​​the project is simple. Today, people know very little about the underwater world. At the same time, this wonderful world opens up a lot of unique opportunities for people. The main psychological aspect of immersion is the ability to feel calm and weightlessness. The health benefits also remain indisputable, with only one caveat - without proper preparation, dives can be dangerous. Intellectually, diving stimulates interest in marine life, which certainly broadens one's horizons. Thus, Nemo 33 is an exciting and at the same time safe for humans and nature complex. It is filled with filtered spring water with a temperature of 35.5 degrees Celsius. The pool is used for diving instruction, recreational purposes and filmmaking. And here's another interesting thing: eight years ago in Brussels there was no opportunity to practice scuba diving. Today, it is here that one of the most unusual and deepest pools in the world is located. All this happened thanks to the efforts of a group of activists and an investment of 3.2 million euros.

Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan. The wonderful Ocean Dome complex (which in English means "ocean dome") in the Japanese city of Miyazaki is an excellent alternative to any beach. The world's largest indoor water park with its own sky and clouds, artificial sand, a mock volcano and the largest wave pool. The complex is designed for the simultaneous stay of about 10 thousand people. The volume of the heated "ocean" is 14 thousand tons of water. A special microclimate with ideal performance is maintained here. The air temperature on the beach is 30 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is between 26-28 degrees. That being said, the water is certainly very clean, like the sand on the beach. The transparent roof of the complex is equipped with a sliding mechanism that opens or closes depending on weather conditions. The dome is almost 38 meters high.

Blood Red Pool, Koh Samui, Thailand. Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui is famous for its fantastic scenery and at the same time is built up with a large number of hotels. However, none of them can match the Library Hotel in its uniqueness. This sophisticated hotel is known for its tall trees that grow everywhere: around, inside and through the buildings of the hotel. But the blood-red pool will leave the strongest impression on any tourist. It is one of the main attractions of a five-star hotel. At first glance, the striking effect is the color of the water. But in fact, the pool water is crystal clear. Accordingly, there is no risk of being red after swimming. The nature of the intimidating color is the combination of red, orange and yellow tiles that cover the pool. There are couches around it. There is also a mini-library in the open air. It should also be noted that the entire hotel is decorated in red and white colors. Architects and designers have very successfully used the contrast of two colors here.

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