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Sooner or later, each of us, as parents, choose a name for their child. Perhaps it all depends on whether the name is consonant with the middle name.

In the explanatory dictionary, patronymic is the name given to the father's personal name. The patronymic always determined the child's belonging to the father, to the family, and they also began to use it for respectful treatment.

Many are inclined to believe that the character of each person is influenced not only by the name, but also by the middle name. The middle name does not fully reflect the character of a person, does not carry a deep meaning, but can only set off some of his features. There are so-called hard, soft and neutral names. For example, Dmitry, Igor, Ekaterina, Daria and the like, in their pronunciation, sound tough, firm; Svetlana, Irina, Mikhail, Sergey, Ilya, Vasily, and so on - sound soft; Artem, Andrey, Alexander, Olga, Anna, Anastasia and others are neutral, that is, intermediate between hard and soft. So it is believed that it is better to give hard names to soft patronymics, and soft names to hard ones.

The so-called "hard" patronymics sometimes include, for example, such as: Arturovich / Arturovna, Aleksandrovich / Aleksandrovna, Dmitrievich / Dmitrievna, Fedorovich / Fedorovna, Robertovich / Robertovna, Eduardovich / Eduardovna now rarely used: Adolfovich, Vissarionovna, Anatolyevna, Voldemarovich, Rostislavovich, Emmanuilovna, Samuilovna, Lyudvigovich, Yulianovna. K "soft" - Mikhailovich, Sergeevna, Efimovna, Ilyich, Ignatievich, K neutral - Pavlovich, Vadimovich, Natanovich, Kirillovna, Makarovich, Mironovna, Yakovlevich, Leontievich, Vitalievna, Valentinovich, Artemovich, Tarasovna ...

Names and patronymics, pronounced softer, belong to people who are kind, open, docile, who can easily communicate with others and find a common language. For example: Sergey Mikhailovich, Andrey Vladimirovich, Alexey Ivanovich, Olga Viktorovna, Natalia Efimovna.

People who are absolutely opposite in character with tough middle names. They are impulsive, harsh, stubborn, persistent, and sometimes unpredictable and contradictory.

Researchers dealing with this issue make the following conclusion that many owners of "hard" middle names have a harder time in life than people with the same name, but with a soft, calm middle name. Therefore, it is better to give "soft" names to "hard" patronymics, and vice versa. Example: Nikolaevich / Nikolayevich, Dmitrievich / Dmitrievny, Anatolyevich / Anatolyevny, Stanislavovich / Stanislavov is better called Sergei, Vasily, Mikhail, Peter, Evgeny, Ilya, Victor, Irina, Vera, Natalia, Polina; Sergeevichs / Sergeevnykh, Alekseevich / Alekseevnyh, Vasilievich / Vasilievnyh - Nikolai, Dmitry, Stanislav, Anatoly, Denis, Victoria, Marina, Lydia, Alexandra, Evgenia.

The best sounding middle names will be those whose first letter of the middle name does not coincide with the last letter of the name: for example, Anna Aleksandrovna, Yulia Yakovlevna, Pavel Lvovich, when pronouncing "lose" part of their name. Most often it is the final letter, which is, as it were, "swallowed" by the middle name. Compare the sound of Anna Grigorievna, Anna Vasilievna. Undesirable combinations of patronymics and names will also be those that end with the same syllable (or combinations of letters / sounds) with which the patronymic begins. For example, Alina Naumovna, Rimma Matveevna, Anna Anatolyevna, etc.

Long names (Konstantinovna, Stanislavovich, Alexandrovna) are better combined with short names (Oleg, Egor, Lev), and with short (Ilyich, Lvovich, Yanovich) - long names (Alexey, Vladimir, Vyacheslav). Compare the combinations of names and patronymics: Oleg Ilyich and Yegor Konstantinovich, Alexandra Dmitrievna and Alexandra Ilinichna, Alla Yanovna and Yulia Nikolaevna. Names and patronymics with a different number of syllables are combined much better, due to the harmonious distribution of sounds and sounds formed by them.

A good combination will be middle names in length (3-4 syllables) with names that also have an average number of syllables. For example, Anton Kirillovich, Maria Ivanovna, Yaroslav Olegovich.

Look at the combinations of such names and patronymics: Malvina Sergeevna, Richard Grigorievich or Irina Josephovna. There is little beauty ... so it is better to choose a middle name from the same national "category" as the name.

There are many different names and many patronymics in the world. Each has a specific meaning. After all, the meaning and interpretation of names was in ancient times. Each is beautiful in its own way and has no equal. After reading this article, you should understand that only in the correct combination with the name does the patronymic give a unique sound.

When reading the characteristics of patronymics, do not forget that each person is individual and all meanings can only be approximate. "'

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