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Meaning of the name

Translated from Old Russian means "desired".


In childhood he is very much like his mother, and his character is like his father and grandfather. In childhood, a problem-free child. In school years, the character becomes difficult, deceives parents and teachers. He reads a lot, mainly adventure literature, the nervous system is weak, often suffers from pharyngitis. Adult Bazhen enjoys success among friends, especially among girls. Attaches great importance to appearance, neat.

Hardworking, always fighting for justice and suffering for it. Loves to sleep in the morning, "owl". A good host in the house. Children of different sexes are born. Loves animals, hunting. Collects stamps and coins.

This is a person who will think at first and then do it, and very carefully - after it there is no need to redo it.

Bazhen is vain, inclined to exaggerate his abilities, boastful. He either justifies his hectic lifestyle in every possible way, or even denies it altogether. Bazhen is self-confident, very mobile, temperamental; he is characterized by lively facial expressions, expressive gestures; during a conversation he often gets excited, is too verbose. Knows how to improve relationships with people. Some Bazhenes are superstitious, in extreme situations they are collected, ready to act.


He devotes a lot of time to his appearance, often turns in front of a mirror, and is popular with girls. He is boastful, exaggerates his abilities, creates an image of a sexual giant for himself. He is temperamental, but it is not always pleasant for a woman to hear stories from a man about his love victories.

Bazhen is sexy and voluptuous, every intimate contact with a partner raises his vitality, stimulates activity in work and other aspects of life. He prefers emotional partners, he is excited by their moaning and languid exclamations. Knows how to please his girlfriend.

Persistent and determined, impetuous and domineering during intercourse. He does not hide his emotions, behaves noisy, unbridled. He likes long intercourse. Bazhen is strong physically, he never feels tired. After the act, he rarely falls asleep immediately, tries to prolong the pleasure with gentle caresses. He loves that his girlfriend lavished compliments on him, and he himself does not skimp on kind words.

Not every partner gets complete satisfaction; even knowing that he will no longer meet with this woman, he tries to please her and understand his needs, believing that it will still be useful to her. Looking for a hypersexual partner, experienced and skillful.

For Bazhen, love and sex are vital. Prolonged abstinence can lead to a breakdown of his nervous system, a decrease in tone and potency. Love and sex in his understanding in no way contradict other aspects of life, do not reduce civic and social interest, do not interfere with a career.

Bazhen has an increased attraction to women. He needs to have an experienced partner in order to try all sexual pleasures, but he needs an inexperienced, pure girl for whom he has deep emotional feelings. He needs to first enjoy sex himself, and then he must engage in the satisfaction of his partner. His beloved may not understand this, and he is afraid to offend her with this.

During an intimate date, he likes to listen to his favorite tunes; it is important that at this time there is no one in the house, so that no one interferes with enjoying love. He does not know how to restrain himself during orgasm, he can make loud sounds, and if someone is in the house, he has to restrain himself, and he loses the fullness of sensations.

Hardworking, he knows how to do a lot with his own hands. There is a leader in the family. Likes his spouse to consult with him on all issues. Girls are born. A bit boring and intrusive.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Bazhen gives the impression of something good, majestic, brave, powerful.

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