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Meaning of the name

Barbara in translation from ancient Greek means "savage", "Chuzezemka".


Barbara is excitable and receptive. Overly impressionable, especially when it comes to the beautiful sides of life. They have an innate sense of beauty. These little ones should not be allowed to play the role of a princess in the family. Inclined to laziness, slow. They like to postpone things on the back burner.

Introverts feel good only in their own world, where they dream of jewelry, palaces and lavish receptions. They live in a fictional world, which involuntarily forces them to constantly lie. This seemingly gentle woman-child hides a surprisingly strong will.

Too excitable, capricious, which is both weakness and charm. Relations with other women are difficult, without much affection. They are more friends with men, but quickly turn them into their slaves.

Defeat for them is like a personal insult. They hardly forgive insults, they never forget about the insult. They are capable of learning, but even here they show their characteristic originality. So, they can get carried away with geography, because the teacher has beautiful eyes ...

They have the ability to use those around them, especially their countless admirers, for personal purposes. Intuition serves their life plans, although they are a little intriguing.

They have a synthetic type of thinking. Grab hold of the whole and don't bother with particulars. Curious, like cats, talkative, have a good visual memory.

Health is not very good. There are minor ailments of a nervous nature. You need to pay attention to the pancreas and kidneys, as well as take care of the spine (two-hour daily walks!) And the intestines.

They are interested in everything related to beauty. Among them there are artists, models, fashion models, but do not demand that they get up at seven in the morning and go to the factory. Very independent.

friendly, although not so much participating in the affairs of others as involving others in their own problems. Bearers of this name should restrain their excessive sensuality.


Barbara is very fond of male society. Although she is a person of mood, she is always lively and friendly with men. She has increased sexual excitability, but in order to surrender to a man, she must fall in love with him.

The strength of her sex drive depends on the duration of the intimate relationship with a man. She has a very developed aesthetic perception, a sense of beauty, she knows how to see and understand the beauty of a loved one in intimate relationships and therefore experiences strong erotic experiences.

Barbara is sensitive, empathetic and feminine, her partner should be extremely affectionate, know and be able to use all the techniques and positions that increase sexual arousal in the preliminary period of intimacy. The caress of a man can bring Barbara into a state of irresistible desire and even bring her to orgasm.

Unsatisfied Barbara is restless, irritable, even angry. For her, the time of day when intimacy occurs is of great importance. She can feel relaxed only at night, during the day she is not able to overcome shyness and completely trust her partner.

Barbara, born in winter, has great sexual potential, she is capable of multiple orgasms, after which she feels happy for a long time. More than others, a man suits her, who, like her, was born in winter.

Barbara is not used to listening to someone's advice, she is not interested in erotic literature either, she learns sex from her own experience and relies primarily on her own feelings.

Born in summer, she loves to beautifully furnish intimate dates, she is not at all indifferent to the environment in which they take place, she is not able to relax if she has limited time.

Barbara does not tolerate rude, assertive men, erotic games can bring her more satisfaction than the sexual intercourse itself, she is able to reach a climax already during lovemaking.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Barbara gives the impression of something simple, majestic, rough, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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