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Meaning of the name

Hebrew means "father of nations".


This name suggests two extreme opposites: either firmness and perseverance, or gentleness and pliability. This duality sometimes leads to the fact that the one named Abraham prefers to wear another more neutral name: for example, Alexander, Alexey. This is somewhat reminiscent of the forefather Abraham, who also had to look for workarounds to get out of a difficult, sometimes dramatic situation.

In childhood, the boy has frequent mood swings: he is sometimes capricious and stubborn, then soft and compliant. He studies well at school, despite the fact that he is very emotional, he prefers exact sciences, however, the humanities are also easy to learn.

The adult Abraham knows how to control himself, is outwardly calm, is distinguished by firmness of character, self-confidence. He loves order, appreciates organization. Abraham is a good partner and like-minded person.

He is not particularly sociable, he is busy with his work and categorically refuses to interfere in other people's affairs. Behind the external detachment lies a talented personality, endowed with a wonderful sense of humor, with excellent artistic and musical abilities.

It will be a tragedy for him to marry a cold, insensitive woman. In the family, Abraham relaxes, he is insecure, restless, and can often be irritated. Periods of activity are followed by periods of complete apathy. These days, the wife needs to be especially gentle and affectionate with him. Abraham is most often the father of a large family. Touchingly refers to children and animals.


Abraham puts sex in the realm of beauty. He decides on intimacy with a woman only by mutual consent. He can adore his "deity" from afar, but not take a decisive step towards rapprochement, experiencing his passion in himself.

Abraham is jealous, the woman he considers his own should always be with him. He does not forgive betrayal, but, suspecting his girlfriend of infidelity, does not suit scandals, breaks up without any clarification of the relationship.

It is not enough for his partner to feel sensual attraction to him. Abraham wants her to love him, and only in this case is he able to experience complete psychosexual satisfaction, not with every partner he feels comfortable.

Stops her choice on a woman with sufficient life experience and, most importantly, very neat and tidy. In the family, he is a leader, does not tolerate objections, demands that everything goes as he determines.


Dark brown.

A rock

Green jasper.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Pisces, Capricorn, Leo.


The sound of the name Abraham gives the impression of something good, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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