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Meaning of the name

Avtandil translated from ancient Persian means "the heart of the motherland".


Grows up a shy and timid boy. Indecisive in everyday life, but in extreme situations knows how to make the right decision. If circumstances require, he can take the initiative, it is difficult to argue with him. He is observant, likes to analyze the actions of his neighbors, constantly asks his parents unexpected questions, thinks like an adult. In games with peers, he does not strive for leadership, but he will not play secondary roles either. He loves football, outdoor games, knows how to measure his strength, knows when to yield.

A very quick-witted boy, he studies well, but is often sick. He performs any task diligently, but he needs time to think over and put everything in order. He reads a lot, preferring the military theme and the detective genre. Has an excellent memory. He is fond of shipbuilding, technology. He will never give up a job halfway through, he will definitely overcome all difficulties, but he will bring the job to the end. Very much like a mother - both externally and internally.

In his youth, he participates in all Olympiads, easily wins. Possesses excellent organizational skills. Loves the circus, enjoys gymnastics, acrobatics. He also loves sports, but it is difficult for him to stop at one of the types, he often changes sections. The outward softness of Avtandil's character and his pliability are deceptive, in his heart he is stubborn and intractable, especially in matters of principle. He chooses friends himself and very carefully. After graduating from a university, he can work in a completely different specialty.

Avtandil is an excellent diplomat, he has a flexible mindset; he is very emotional, but within reasonable limits, he knows where and when he can afford it. Has great intuition. Very caring towards loved ones. Materialist, it is very difficult to convince him. He instantly breaks off relations with enemies, rarely regrets it.

He is very amorous, affectionate, it is difficult for him to part with his beloved girl. Jealous. Very proud, persistent in achieving the goal. In his heart he feels lonely, although he is almost never alone. Too demanding, seeks to get more from life than it offers him.

Knows his own worth, on occasion he will not be cheap. Avtandil is exceptionally smart, has an analytical mindset, can be a researcher, but does not always reach the heights he hopes to. In any team he finds like-minded people or allies. In the company he is cheerful, knows how to maintain a conversation, has his own opinion about everything. Loves understanding of others, with pleasure acts as an orator.

Professions: prosecutor, investigator, head of the personnel department, surgeon, circus performer, history teacher, translator, programmer, designer, artist, architect, jeweler, civil engineer. The team loves him, appreciating for justice and non-interference in other people's affairs.

You can completely rely on him in difficult situations, he will never let you down. Experiencing great difficulties in building a career, does not know how to adapt to the authorities fawning. He climbs the corporate ladder slowly, but still achieves great success - maybe later than he would like.

Marries several times. More than others, a woman born in April or May suits him. With a woman born in the summer, he will constantly have problems. He is a caring father and husband, but he spends most of his time at work, so a jealous woman is not suitable for him. He willingly fulfills his wife's orders, but with some delay.

Avtandil should be perceived as he is, and not demand the impossible from him. Respects his wife, reckons with her opinion, but will not tolerate her power over himself. He is a real man, he forgives his wife all her weaknesses, but he will not forgive any encroachment on his independence.


Avtandil leads a rich sex life, giving his partners an unforgettable experience, but his inner world remains closed to them. He is gifted with vivid imagination, good intuition. He often likes to talk on intimate topics, he talks about it charmingly, describing the beauty of his partner's body.

Women, remembering him, paint an absolutely fake image in their imaginations, Avtandil feels infinitely lonely, therefore, in sexual matters he often fails, deeply experiencing his failures. There is no woman who could fully understand him. Each of them for a long time remembers the minutes spent with him, while he forgets about them and takes care of himself exclusively.

Avtondil may have several marriages until they finally find themselves a worthy chosen one. Sex takes pride of place in their lives. Some of them are able to maintain platonic relationships and experience their passion alone, others easily succumb to passion, their sensuality is strong and infectious.

They are not conquerors, they prefer to be chosen, otherwise they will step aside without scenes of jealousy. It is difficult to establish relationships with women, but, being disappointed, they do not know how to terminate them. They hesitate for a long time, not daring to leave or stay. They are silent, somewhat gloomy, often fall in love with women who are somehow flawed, trying to save them with their love.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Aquarius, Gemini.


The sound of the name Avtandil gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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