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Meaning of the name

In Roman mythology, Aurora is the goddess of the dawn.


Aurora is a complex and unpredictable person. In early childhood, these babies cause a lot of trouble for both parents and educators. They are irritable, moody and stubborn. They look like their father, but in character.

They are prone to colds, they have a vulnerable nervous system. They study well, study music, dance. They are fond of reading. Growing up, they remain as persistent and stubborn.

Summer-born auroras, addicted and romantic natures. Of all literature, they prefer poetry and write poetry themselves.

Auroras born in winter sometimes never get married because they tend to have too high self-esteem. We must give them their due, they are really talented. They strive to shine in society at any cost. Reels willingly travel to cities and countries, if the opportunity presents itself.

Auroras born in the fall are reasonable and do not commit rash acts. There will be no surprises in their life, they will calculate everything in advance. These women are patient and sensitive. In marriage, they are quite happy, they strive to lead in the family, although at work they prefer to keep in the background. They do not boast.

Auroras bring any business to the end. They have extraordinary thinking, and they dress outside the box.


She is very faithful in love and does not separate love from sex. In intimate relationships, she shows her emotions very restrained, although her sexual excitability is quite high, and igniting the flame of passion in her is not worth much work. But Aurora considers it reprehensible to violently express her emotions, and even more so to tell her partner about her feelings.

She would like to dominate the sexual process, but from a false understanding of how a woman should behave during intimacy with a man, she does not. Aurora tries to be condescending to the desires of her partner and listens sensitively to his erotic experiences. After intercourse, she experiences a feeling of deep tenderness for her partner, feels physical and mental relaxation and satisfaction.

Aurora is not used to listening to someone's advice, she is not interested in erotic literature either, she learns sex from her own experience and relies primarily on her own feelings.

Aurora loves to beautifully furnish intimate dates, she is not at all indifferent to the setting in which they take place, she is not able to relax if she has limited time. She does not tolerate rude, assertive men, erotic games can bring her more satisfaction than the intercourse itself, she is able to reach a culmination already during lovemaking.



A rock


Zodiac sign

A lion.


The sound of the name Aurora gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, majestic, rude, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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