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Meaning of the name

Artemy in translation from Greek means "healthy".


In childhood, Artemias are very persistent, even stubborn. They love to be around adults more than among their peers. Parents bring them up in severity, almost Spartan. Such boys are very dexterous, agile and flexible, they make good athletes.

They are great debaters, they like to pour from empty to empty. In their first marriage, they are unlucky, but for the sake of children they patiently carry their cross. Very required. They have few friends, they will not call everyone their friend. They think over their actions well and are wary of their partners, if suspicion arises against the latter, they will diplomatically refuse them.

Calm and tolerant of the opinions of others. They take care of the weak, love animals. They are not devoid of a poetic gift. They have good intuition. They drive a car well, they like to go on business trips, travel. Everything is going well in their hands, starting a business, they will bring it to the end.

Outwardly they look like a father, in character - like a mother. Their character is independent, adapting is not in their habits. Some Artemia become clergy.


Artemy's desire for sexual pleasure usually leads to a long-term love relationship. The goal of Artemia is to give pleasure to his girlfriend, her voluptuous feelings intensify the erotic experiences of Artemy.

In sexual intercourse, establishing contact with a partner and her support are of great importance to him. The strength of an intimate relationship deepens his trust in his friend, promotes mutual understanding, increases the desire for new meetings.

His love for different women is expressed differently, and his sexual motivation is different. Sometimes it is quite primitive, aimed at relieving sexual tension, sometimes he wants to get sensual pleasure.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Artemy gives the impression of something good, majestic, brave, powerful.

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