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Meaning of the name

Ariadne translated from Greek means "the one that arouses great respect", "ruling", "faithful wife", "beloved".

The patron saint is the martyr Ariadne.

Ariadne was the slave of Tertin, the ruler of the city of Primnisa (Phrygia). She did not want to offer sacrifices in pagan temples, and for this she was imprisoned, where she was starved to death. Ariadne managed to escape from captivity. She was persecuted by the pagans, but she disappeared due to the fact that at her prayer the stone parted: in this way she avoided reproach.

According to legend, the daughter of the Cretan king Ariadne helped Theseus, doomed to be devoured by the Minotaur, by giving him a ball of thread. After killing the Minotaur, Theseus, with the help of a thread attached to the entrance, was able to get out of the maze.


Ariadne is a cheerful, lively girl, she is flexible, but independent enough. She has her own opinion, and it is not too easy to convince her. She does not like when they try to force her to do what she does not want or does not like, and then she can be stubborn.

A girl with this name is sociable, but Ariadne has few or no real friends, the same applies to adult Ariadne. This girl studies easily, but without much interest. Although she is often interested in history and knows literature well, reads a lot, and knows, as a rule, much more than what is given in the school curriculum.

Adult Ariadne remains independent. She is friendly, easily converges with people, but no one can boast that they know her well. A woman with this name is responsive, willing to help people.

Unselfish, but by no means simple. Ariadne knows how to defend her opinion. Sometimes she is a little frivolous and therefore optional, although she usually tries to fulfill what she promised. Actually, this woman does not make unrealistic promises.

Ariadne is persistent, knows how to get her way. She is quite obligatory in her work, executive, copes well with her duties. True, this woman does not always work willingly, especially if she is not interested in work. Ariadne reads a lot, especially science fiction, adventure novels and fairy tales. He enjoys going on excursions, loves long journeys.

A woman with this name is not very willing to do household chores, usually according to her mood, but she loves and knows how to cook. Ariadne gets married once, rarely two. She is usually happy in her family life. Ariadne is often beautiful, or at least pretty, charming, she is very popular with men.

It is quite difficult to win the favor of this woman, although she is not capricious, but very picky. Ariadne prefers to choose her partner from among her fans.

A woman with this name is changeable and unpredictable, she can be different: sometimes coquettish, sometimes mocking, or restrained. A man will never know her to the end, at the moment when it seems to him that he understood this woman, Ariadne will suddenly become completely different, or a new feature that he had not noticed before will be found in her. But a man will never be bored with this woman.

In intimate relationships, she is affectionate, relaxed, she quite willingly takes the initiative. It doesn't really matter to her how experienced the partner is, but it matters a lot if they love each other. In general, Ariadne does not separate sex from love, but this side of the relationship is less significant for her.

Born in winter, Ariadne is an athletic, strong woman. She does not like to stay at home, travels a lot. This woman has a stubborn character. It is often difficult to communicate with her, because she loves to command and impose her opinion on other people, although usually she tries to do this in their interests.

In a relationship with a man, she often tries to be in charge, which is not always pleasant to her partner or husband, but if she chooses a soft and docile man for herself, then there are no conflicts in the family.

Spring Ariadne is sociable, cheerful, but touchy. She usually hides her feelings, but may quite unexpectedly recall a long-standing resentment. In general, you need to be very careful with this Ariadne, because sometimes her behavior is simply unpredictable. This woman rarely takes into account the opinions of others, does not listen to advice and always acts in her own way.

She is often quite harsh with people, especially fans. This Ariadne can use a partner for her own purposes, and then calmly part with him, completely not caring what he thinks about this.

If he does not satisfy Ariadne, she can cheat on him. In general, this woman is not inclined to spare the feelings of other people, although she can be sweet and charming. But with age, she becomes kinder and more attentive to others.

Born in the fall, Ariadne is often a mysterious woman. She is restrained, speaks little, keeps her opinion to herself. This woman is not that not sociable, but as if she keeps some distance between herself and the people around her, and at the same time she does not seem arrogant and arrogant. Men are crazy about this woman, but sometimes they are even afraid of her, because she smiles as if she knows the innermost desire of each of them.

This Ariadne becomes the unrequited love of more than one man, but remains indifferent to their suffering. The person she loves will be an outstanding and strong personality. In intimate relationships, this woman is passionate, she is a great partner. Sex for this Ariadne means a lot. She needs an experienced and temperamental partner.


Ariadne is delicate and feminine, somewhat sentimental, loves love in love. She has good intuition, on which she tends to rely too much, and, alas, is often deceived.

Sex for Ariadne is the art of enjoying life, which brings great joy. Her sexual behavior is not always stable, it largely depends on the mood and experience of the partner.

Ariadne remembers a man with whom she manages to achieve complete mutual understanding for a long time, even after many years, and in moments of intimacy with a partner can see in front of her the other with whom she experienced unique moments of highest pleasure.

Ariadne does not like rough caresses, pressure, impatience, sharp ups and downs, for her it is also important how the intimacy ends; she feels hurt if the partner, the next second after the climax, turns to the wall and falls asleep.

She easily meets the desires of a man, she can even take the initiative herself, seeing the partner's indecision. Ariadne is not afraid of direct conversation about sex, unlike many other women, she does not feel shy, discussing some intimate details and calling things by their proper names. Outwardly, Ariadne does not look sexy, but in the arms of a man, she blooms and opens up to his caresses.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Aries, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Ariadne gives the impression of something good, simple, majestic, courageous, loud, brave, powerful, big, active, bright, joyful.

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