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Meaning of the name

Anfisa translated from Greek means "blooming".


Anfisa is an emotional, sensual, proud woman, endowed with great intuition and does not commit rash acts. Anfisa is arrogant, stubborn, but still sociable, loves to receive guests, does not argue over trifles and does not really like those who sin this.

As a child, Anfisa is a calm, shy, sickly girl. She looks like her father both in appearance and character.

With age, the character changes. She becomes more determined and stubborn. Often, Anfisa grows up in a well-to-do family, does not know anything about refusal and, having become an adult, tries to live as widely and as easily manage money.

She is an emotional and sensual woman, selfish and arrogant. She is cunning and vindictive, chooses men with great analysis, loves to insist on her own. Her marriage is often short-lived, although Anfisa is a homebody, a good hostess, willingly receiving guests in her house.

Anfisa, born in winter, has a particularly obstinate character, she cannot get along with her mother-in-law, she tries to crush her husband under her.

Born in the fall - they are very calculating, they never commit rash acts, however, they are sociable, will not argue over trifles and appreciate those who understand them very much.

He chooses a profession that does not require the manifestation of significant efforts and experiences.


Anfisa is an emotional and sensual woman. She is selfish. She is cunning and vindictive, she chooses men with great discretion, loves to insist on her own. Does not forgive treason.

Anfisa is always full of some vague desires that she herself cannot define. This woman needs a patient man who can satisfy her varied emotional and sexual needs.

She is easily aroused, reacts with frankness and enthusiasm, but does not want to completely obey male desires. Often, Anfisa's sexual activity is a way to make up for the shortcomings of an emotional life, a means to diversify her personal life.

Anfis, born in summer, make good wives and devoted lovers. Husbands are not averse to change, but they never lose their heads. They are amazingly able to remain faithful to both husband and lover.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Anfisa gives the impression of something complex, rough, gentle, feminine, quiet, small, slow, sad.

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