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Meaning of the name

The female form on behalf of Alexander, translated from Greek means "protector of people".


If Alexandra is the only child in the family, then she becomes stubborn and capricious. He is reluctant to play with other children.

At school age, having good health, he goes in for sports, shows purposefulness and achieves significant success.

She studies well in all subjects, loves to read. Household chores does not appeal to her, and if a big cleaning or some other event is planned in the house, she may suddenly "get sick" or find another good reason to avoid participating in the work.

Outwardly, she gives the impression of a closed girl, but in her soul she is pure and expects the same sincerity and justice from others. Does not forgive the slightest deception - you can forever lose her trust.

Alexandra always tries to get a higher education in order to feel confident in life. Can become a doctor, accountant, teacher, she likes to drive a car.

From childhood, Alexandra begins to communicate a lot with boys and with age she feels better in male society. She gets married late and becomes not only an excellent housewife, but also a good friend to her husband. He loves to travel, to spend time outside the city. Together with her husband, she likes to watch hockey or football.

In marriage, she will try to have many children, she will be a caring mother. She can do a lot for her family. Decorate a room with literally nothing, cook some unthinkable dish, build an amazing outfit out of nothing.


Alexandra is woven from contradictions, she experiences physical satisfaction in sex with great intensity, but is not able to enjoy it. She does not know how to show at least some initiative in the love game. The partner is forced to completely take on it. Moreover, he can be approved or rejected depending on her momentary mood.

Alexandra does not like to talk on sexual topics, not so much out of shyness, but because she is not able to convey her feelings in words. Outwardly, she is often cold, not showing her state in any way, without giving any signals of consent to intimacy.

Sex in her mind is excluded from the category of higher emotional sensations, it gives her only physical satisfaction. She cannot stand excessive tenderness, sentimentality, delicacy - she does not feel this atmosphere. After a stormy night, she can act as if nothing happened - no kind word, no smile.

Born in winter, she often creates difficult situations herself, from which it is difficult to get out. She considers herself her biggest enemy.

Alexandra is a devoted friend, but independent, cannot stand dictatorship. She has a rather strong character, she does not know how to forgive infidelity, her first marriage often falls apart, and then for a long time she does not dare to tie herself with family ties.

She has the nature of a leader, but her leadership is rather manifested in an everyday sense, in her sexual behavior she often follows a man. She treats sex quite calmly, she simply does not have enough time for it.

Summer Alexandra can fall in love at any age, it happens that at first sight. She is impulsive, impetuous, somewhat naive. Seized by a passion of love, she is able to go ahead, without thinking about the consequences, she commits rash, even shocking acts. Her lovers treat her like a capricious child.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name of Alexander gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, majestic, courageous, brave, mighty, big, active, joyful.

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