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Meaning of the name

Asya translated from Greek means "city dweller".


Type of excitable and susceptible women. They are sensitive to everything that surrounds them. Their interest in the world truly knows no bounds. Perhaps they take life too seriously and somewhat idealize it. When faced with the harsh prose of life, they are lost, but in the end they learn useful lessons from their disappointments.

Asya is an indefatigable inventor, the monotony of life annoys her, but the original ideas that Asya's pretty head is full of often do not acquire reality. As for specific actions, then Asya is unhurried, she does not know how to grasp everything on the fly, and if you asked her about something, then let her think it over in detail.

This woman is undoubtedly a creative person, a person who blazes her own path in life. In combination with an enviable efficiency and ingenuity, this quality opens all the doors for her.

Another thing is whether she will be able to use the chance given to her. She is kind, loves to make small gifts, she herself is more happy about them than those to whom they are intended.

Asya is not a leader in the family, but she has enough intelligence and common sense not to let her family sit on her head. She generally has a sense of proportion, she is well aware of the limit where you need to dampen your emotions.

The emotionality of these women is both their weakness and their charm. Love takes not the last place in their life, and with a strong heart affection, they will not consider it shameful to drop strict moral principles.


She presents her love to a man as a priceless gift. Asya does not have a pronounced sexual individuality, she usually does not cause strong sexual emotions in men and does not always experience physical passion herself. To light it, a man must have unique abilities.

This does not mean at all that she is not given to know violent erotic experiences, she is capable of them, but first it takes a long time to adapt to her partner. It is this, as well as the ideas about the norm of sexual behavior instilled in her since childhood, that explains the fact that she does not change her partners, she becomes attached to a man seriously and for a long time.

Asya perceives the infidelity of her beloved as a life disaster, after which she cannot recover for a long time. Experiencing erotic emotions, she feels a sense of the deepest harmony with the world around her, loves that her partner not only spoke to her affectionate words, but also poured out his feelings in these words, describing her dignity.

Asya receives full sexual satisfaction when she reaches a simultaneous orgasm with her partner, but perceives it as a unique sensation, incomprehensible bliss, only if she has a deep feeling for her partner.

Loving a man, Asya feels for him rather tenderness than passion, a kind of maternal feelings. She is able to caress him, give him all the variety of erotic sensations, without feeling any desire, out of only the need to give her beloved happiness.

Asya is very sensitive, she is like a stretched string: what others relate to easily, for her is full of deep meaning - a fleeting glance, a gentle touch, an affectionate word.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Leo, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Asya gives the impression of something good, beautiful, kind, majestic, active, bright, joyful.

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