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Meaning of the name

Athanasius translated from Greek means "immortal".


In the character of Athanasius, sufficient gentleness is usually noted, and sometimes compliance. By nature, he is practically not inclined to aggression, however, possessing a very sensitive pride, he is sometimes capable of exploding. However, even during these rather rare outbreaks, Afanasy most often does not cross some dangerous line and, moreover, departs quite quickly.

The fact is that with today's rarity of this name, it makes its bearer quite noticeable, attracting the attention of others to it, and the energy deprived of isolation presupposes not only dreaminess, but also touchiness. That is why he reacts rather painfully to criticism, and there are often a lot of critics in his life.

Although, the lively and agile mind of Afanasy often finds salvation in his sense of humor, which, combined with his gentleness and sociability, provides him with a sufficient number of friends. Often, this also attracts the opposite sex to him, and here you need to be more careful so that your head does not spin from easy victories.

Men with this name are non-conflicting and kind, they can be compared with Vladimirs. Outwardly very pleasant, modest and often indecisive. They move up the career ladder slowly.

The Afanasii are too stubborn, they like to prove their case in an argument, they are fair - often to their own detriment. Any business is brought to an end. They are docile and surrounded by friends, they never impose their opinions. Silent people prefer to listen than to speak themselves. They love to travel, they have a good memory, many of them are fluent in the pen - they make writers and scientists.

They are sociable, they will take on some of the household chores without being forced, they love animals. They are gracious and always selflessly help people. They are often married twice, they have a complex character: they are touchy, vulnerable and absolutely cannot be critical of themselves.

They are tied to the place and do not like business trips. Most of all they value freedom and independence, rejecting violence. Some of them become clergymen, however, taking ordination, they do not change their name.

In general, Afanasy's life is quite calm, it is a pity that he lacks some persistence for real success. Alas, without this it is difficult to achieve anything significant in life; so if Athanasius wants to realize his own creative abilities and ambitious dreams, he needs to become a little more decisive and be ready to insist on his own if necessary.


Athanasius is charming, good-natured, courteous with women, which attracts them. He is confident in his sexual capabilities and does not hide it. He has many intimate relationships, chooses a suitable partner for a long time.

At the very first meeting with a woman he liked, Afanasy is completely confident in his victory. Few women can resist his charm. He is smart, witty, knows many anecdotes, is a good storyteller. The soul of the company, perfectly entertains the audience.

He likes to catch the rapturous glances of women; values ​​frank admiration in sexual relationships. He needs to feel loved, to be confident in the loyalty of his partner, although he himself rarely remains faithful to anyone.

Afanasy experiences extraordinary tenderness for a woman in love with him, is able to satisfy her most refined needs, but this does not prevent him from continuing to search for his ideal.

Afanasy is very temperamental, sex takes a significant place in his life. His inexhaustible energy is looking for a way out, sexual dissatisfaction can lead to a disorder of the nervous system, a decrease in performance.

He is physically strong, enduring, seeks to subordinate a woman to his desires, but with a partner of equal temperament he is able to be submissive, allows her to lead in sexual intercourse, to take initiative, knowing that in this way he will achieve greater acuteness of erotic experiences.

If he deals with a beginner, then patiently reveals her sexual abilities, gives her the opportunity to improvise, to try her hand. He enjoys watching his partner grow in his own eyes, gains confidence.

Most of the time, Athanasius devotes to various caresses, skillfully prepares his girlfriend for sexual intercourse, never resorts to onslaught, violence. More important for him is the partner's disposition to him and her willingness to make love. He patiently waits for the woman to take the initiative herself.

Afanasy prefers non-traditional methods in sex, tries to bring his partner to orgasm during mutual caresses, even before sexual intercourse, loves oral sex. Athanasius cannot enter into sexual relations in the absence of spiritual contact with a partner.

It is especially important for Afanasy to feel the affection of a woman, the sincerity of her feelings. He is generous in soul, capable of grand gestures, strives to make the chosen one pleasant, loves to give gifts, to arrange holidays for her. Open and sincere in love relationships. He is ready to help his beloved woman in solving her life problems, he never stands aside in extreme situations.

First of all, he is interested in a partner as a person, and if this, in addition, coincides with his sexual interests, then the relationship can be long-lasting. Afanasy loves comfort, an intimate atmosphere, does not tolerate interference in sex.

"Autumn" women are more suitable for Afanasy than other women, they are temperamental, in intimate relationships they completely exclude alcohol, which, according to Afanasy, dulls the senses and does not allow to enjoy love to the fullest. With such a partner, he can have sex around the clock.

Afanasy is a reliable partner; if he finds his ideal, forgets about other women and tries to spend as much time as possible with his beloved.

It is useless to seduce him, he does not like obsession, he believes that a woman loses her dignity and deprives him of the opportunity to seduce her, in which he knows no equal. Afanasy is too sure that any woman, worth his wish, is ready to go to bed with him. It is hard to bear disappointments, the refusal of a woman is a disaster for him.

In the family, he is docile, willingly helps his wife with the housework. Loves children, takes care of their upbringing. Most often boys are born.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Afanasy gives the impression of something rough, quiet.

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