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Meaning of the name

Andrian translated from Latin means "from Adria".


Adrian is a rare name, strength, courage and a cheerful disposition are favorably balanced in him, and it is very good if these qualities are developed in the process of bringing up Adrian. The fact is that today this name sounds somewhat old-fashioned, and therefore it is possible that peers will laugh at Adrian in childhood.

It is possible to get rid of such ridicule only thanks to the firmness of character and good nature, otherwise Adrian's childhood will be painted in dark colors of resentment or even lead to the development of an inferiority complex. In this situation, Adrian will either become withdrawn and sullen, or he will feel the desire to perform some reckless feat trying to prove his own usefulness to his offenders.

However, most Adrians calmly go through this test, which in childhood does not seem easy at all. Most often, they manage to maintain their cheerfulness and strength of character, which provides them with a considerable number of friends.

It so happens that due to the special disposition of people, luck itself goes into the hands of Adrian; just do not forget that such luck has its negative sides. When your head starts spinning with success, it won't take long to stumble!

Many of the owners of this name can successfully realize themselves in various professions, especially those related to technology and risk.

It is best in communicating with Adrian to be on an equal footing with him, but not to resort to familiarity; believe me, he knows how to respect worthy interlocutors. If it occurs to you to show your superiority over him, then most likely you will run into a good rebuff.

Winter-born Adrians are complex, stubborn and persistent. They easily converge with people. We are always ready to accept a new idea and defend it. Endowed with a good memory, brave, do not give themselves offense.

Those born in summer are easily vulnerable, they choose their friends with caution. They are hardworking, achieve great success in life. They love to read foreign literature. They have developed the ability to see the problem as a whole.

Graduating from an institute or technical school, they do not always work in their specialty. They become engineers, programmers, mechanics, educators, turners, lawyers, administrators, military men, doctors, scientists.

In marriage, they are not always successful, but they are patiently trying to establish family life: they help their wife with the housework, they pay a lot of attention to children.


Sex for Adrian is an obsession. No man needs sex more than he does, and at the same time, no one else is in greater danger of completely frustrated. He never has so-called male problems. Its sexual capabilities are very high, but the chances of using them are negligible.

Adrian must be very careful when choosing a partner. Women for him are exclusively an object of sex, so he is not able to whelp their individuality. Very few people agree to put up with such an attitude for a long time, and Adrian often has to look for a new partner.

He firmly believes that he has the right to get what he wants, and if life does not present him with this, he falls into a state of despair. In his mind, courtship should be as simplistic as possible.

Having met a woman he liked, he is ready to immediately go to bed with her, although he understands that very few people will like such pressure. Adrian does not back down from his choice - nothing can stop him in love. He is a devoted lover, he likes to provide materially for his chosen ones, to surround them with luxury.

He likes all kinds of caresses, he generously gives them to his partner. If he fails to reach orgasm for a long time, a nervous breakdown may occur, followed by deep depression. Adrian is very touchy, any rash word from his partner can hurt him painfully.

He is very sensitive and receptive: if he feels that his partner is not satisfied with his sexual abilities, it is with difficulty that he tunes in to the second sexual intercourse, and may even completely refuse intimacy with this woman. Adrian tries to study the erogenous zones of his partner, this excites not only her, but also himself: when he sees how his friend reacts to his caresses, it sets him up for long sex.

If his partner is a "winter" woman, then it is safe to say that they will have full-fledged and long-term sexual relations, while Adrian can not count on a long relationship with a "summer" woman - such a woman does not suit him, although she is more temperamental than others, experienced in sex. She can be harsh, too straightforward, she can tell Adrian that he failed to satisfy her and his potential for her is low.

With an inexperienced partner, Adrian is also not easy: he loves complete freedom and relaxedness, but he himself does not always know how to tune a woman in such a way, and therefore sexual relations may not work out.

Winter-born Adrians are more suited to "summer" women who will not dominate sexually, are unobtrusive, and will not suppress the authority of men.

Born in the summer, Adrian is somewhat childish, and he needs the support of a partner in intimate relationships. He is patient and condescending to his girlfriend's shortcomings, he is able to forgive a lot.

Born in the spring, Adrian is wary of close relationships with women. In bed, he is not a leader, but he really wants and likes to be. Therefore, he can become seriously attached only to that woman who will allow him to consider himself in charge.

His sexual potential largely depends on his partner, on her ability to excite him, make him relax, and believe in the sincerity of her feelings. With such a partner, Adrian tries not to part. He is quite temperamental and can spend a long time in bed.

Born in the fall, Adrian is prudent, practical, thrifty. The same qualities are manifested in relationships with women: he will not spend extra money on his beloved, but if he chose her, he can "invest" in her, make gifts necessary for living together: dishes, kitchen utensils. More than others, a woman born in August will suit him.

In family life, Adrian does not lose interest in sex, believes that sexual compatibility is the basis of a strong family. Appreciates the good attitude of his wife and children to himself, takes an active part in the life of each of them. Responsive and attentive, always ready to help. For children, he remains the most devoted friend for life.



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The sound of the name Adrian gives the impression of something good, simple, majestic, courageous, loud, brave, powerful, big, active, bright, joyful.

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