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Any tourist is not averse to admiring a skyscraper if he finds himself in the city. Let's talk about the ten most famous abandoned skyscrapers.

Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea. The 105-storey pyramid was supposed to be a testament to the ambitions of this outcast country. A trendy but absurd building, intended as a luxury hotel. But was he needed in a country where its own people are starving, and there are practically no tourists? Construction began in 1987. When the Soviet Union collapsed, and North Korea no longer received outside support, the project was abandoned altogether in 1992. In subsequent years, the huge building was empty, while the Koreans themselves tried to pretend that it did not exist at all. For example, on the maps of Pyongyang there is no empty skyscraper at all; it is also removed from city photographs. In 2008, the authorities announced their intention to complete the building. For this, a $ 400 million contract was signed with Egyptian builders. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2012, timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung.

Sathorn Unique, Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand experienced a real economic boom in the 1990s. Skyscrapers that appeared in Bangkok like mushrooms after rain have become a demonstration of the country's serious intentions. However, not all of them were completed in the end. The Asian financial crisis has dramatically changed the situation, the developer found himself with huge debts in his hands. In 1997, people left the 49-story Sathorn Unique. Its lower floors are now occupied by rats, while the upper floors are inhabited by crows and ghosts. I must say that all these creatures live here quite calmly. The fact is that the Thai people avoid the abandoned house. What will happen next with the skyscraper remains unclear. Bangkok in general is almost the world leader in the number of abandoned modern buildings. Although the country's economy has already recovered, the city still has several ghost towers.

Tower of David, Caracas, Venezuela. Tower of David, 45 stories high, was to become one of the tallest buildings on the continent. In the early 1990s, businessman David Brülemburg decided to build a new shopping center for the entire city and country. However, the death of the owner brought the unfinished building, along with other assets, into the hands of the state. The economic downturn led to the tower being left unfinished. The project was frozen in 1994, which caused a couple of thousand squatters to move into the skyscraper. These people occupied the empty premises without permission, without receiving any permission for this. At the same time, the squatters got a whole package of amenities at their disposal. The fact is that the skyscraper was originally planned not only for living quarters, but also for a beauty salon and a gallery. Only until the unauthorized invaders have mastered the floors above the thirtieth. But given the anarchy in the real estate market in Venezuela, you can expect the entire tower to be populated. After all, people often have no other choice but to move into abandoned buildings. They are not scared by the lack of elevators. At the same time, the government turns a blind eye to the problem of unauthorized settling, because otherwise people should be provided with a housing alternative. And the tower has no windows and the terraces have no fences. However, it is sometimes more dangerous to live on the streets. Communication between the floors is provided with the help of radios, and residents have also occupied the local power grid. Water is supplied up to the 28th floor, and some residents have even opened their own shops inside.

Book Tower, Detroit, USA. Who would have thought that abandoned skyscrapers would be found even in prosperous America? The 38-storey "Tower-Book" was built in Detroit in 1916. For many years the classic and old-fashioned appearance of this building, as well as the unusual copper roof, were the "highlight" of the city. But over time, the unfinished building became a sad monument to Detroit's former industrial successes. Over the past hundred years, the skyscraper constantly changed owners until people finally left it in 2009. At first, it was supposed to carry out major repairs in the building, but the latest news says that it was decided to abandon the reconstruction of the giant.

Sterick Building, Memphis, USA. Another famous American abandoned skyscraper is located in Memphis. This 29-storey building was built in the neo-Gothic style. The skyscraper had its own bank, pharmacy, hairdresser and beauty salon. Thousands of employees worked in the building. People were lifted upstairs by 8 luxurious elevators. But in the 1980s, the building fell into disrepair. The fact is that the rent for land has grown significantly. At present, the entrance to the skyscraper is boarded up, but destruction has begun inside. The only inhabitants of the buildings are homeless people and city ghost seekers. Despite being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, its fate remains unclear. The area of ​​32 thousand squares is estimated at only 420 thousand dollars.

Edificio Sao Vito, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 27-storey building appeared in Sao Paulo in the 1950s. It was intended for the middle class and expats. 624 apartments were built here, three lifts led upstairs. The uppermost floor with an area of ​​800 square meters was intended for various kinds of events. However, over time, the building began to decline. Today it is essentially one large vertical favela for the poor. New tenants started their own order. They started throwing rubbish out of the windows, painting the walls. 80% of the electricity used is obtained illegally. In the 1980s, the plumbing ceased to be usable; of the three elevators, only one remained operational. And even then he barely climbed to the middle of the skyscraper. In 2004, the last tenants were officially evacuated from here. And the skyscraper itself now belongs to drug dealers and their clients who have gone out. City officials are planning to blow up the building, clearing space for new developments.

Szkieletor, Krakow, Poland. This unofficial name bears a 92-meter building in Krakow. It was supposed to be the highest in the city. It was originally planned that the office of the Main Technical Organization would be located in the skyscraper. Construction began in 1975, but was stopped in 1981. The reason was economic difficulties in Poland and political instability. For its appearance, reminiscent of a skeleton, the building was nicknamed. In addition, in the early 80s, a television show of the same name was on television in the country. Since then, the skyscraper has remained abandoned, even billboards cannot cover its ugly appearance. Although investors express their interest in the high-rise, they are deterred by the legal uncertainty of the land plot.

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, USA. This unique train station in Detroit is 18 stories high. The building has become a real symbol of a bygone era, when trains were more important than cars. The Big Station began operating in 1913; it was supposed to become part of a large project - a city transport hub. At the time of construction, it was the largest train station in the world. But in the middle of the last century, it turned out that machines are becoming more and more widespread. Railways have lost their importance. And the designers did not even foresee a single large parking lot in the gigantic project. The station building was eventually found inconvenient and non-functional. People left here for good in 1988. The city authorities have repeatedly tried to decide the fate of the building. It was decided to demolish the station, but the residents of Detroit through the court defended the right to life of the historical monument.

PacBell Building, San Francisco, USA. In 1925, a 132-meter tower appeared in San Francisco. At that time, the 26-storey building was the tallest in the city. It was originally the headquarters of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company. The tower is a magnificent neo-Gothic monument decorated with huge eagles. They look at the city from above. In 2005, the last inhabitants left the building. In 2007, the telephone company AT @ T sold the high-rise for $ 118 million. The empty building began to be repaired. A new fire, mechanical and electrical system will be installed here. The restoration of the historic foyer is underway. It is hoped that the skyscraper will eventually reappear. Guards are still on duty here, and at night the skyscraper is illuminated.

Buffalo Central Terminal, Buffalo, USA. And this station, 17 stories high, is now abandoned. The Buffalo station was key from 1929 to 1979. The terminal is located 4 kilometers from the city center; the complex is designed to receive 3200 passengers per hour. The station is a real monument of the Art Deco era. After the closure of passenger traffic, the building was sold for only 75 thousand dollars. After 1986, the station began to decay rapidly. In addition, the owners, who were on the verge of bankruptcy, began to sell the building literally in parts. Locals claim that the station has become a haven for ghosts who are supposedly waiting for their trains. Not surprisingly, this is where the 2010 Ghostbusters television show was filmed. After that, the station became a place of increased attention of various lovers of the paranormal. Today it is not difficult to find a guide who organizes a tour of the abandoned building. As a result, the vandals are taking apart the famous station literally piece by piece. What saves the building from destruction is that the demolition will be quite expensive - $ 12 million.

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