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Any traveler is faced with the fact that he needs to stay somewhere in an unfamiliar country. Someone gets a disgusting number, and someone is faced with the loss of things.

Tourism workers openly admit that any traveler can be deceived not only when ordering an excursion, but also when choosing a hotel.

It turns out that there are many secrets of staying in hotels that an inexperienced traveler should learn. Otherwise, he will find himself in an unpleasant or awkward situation, losing time, money and nerves.

Superior rooms at no extra charge. Sometimes a traveler has to pay extra for a superior room. In fact, there are quite a few honest ways to get such a bonus. It can be relied on for newlyweds, regular customers, couples for the anniversary. There are a great many reasons. Travel industry workers are aware of this and are constantly using this trick. You just need to notify the hotel in advance about your extraordinary event. Some people manage to go on honeymoons for years, booking superior rooms in different hotels.

Direct booking. It turns out that a direct hotel reservation for a client can result in the loss of a room. The hotels themselves love it when customers contact them directly. In this case, you can do without paying a commission. But if suddenly there are problems with free numbers due to a sudden arrival of a group or a peak in attendance, then direct orders will be the first to suffer. It is worth understanding the hotel administration - it is better to sacrifice a lone tourist than to spoil relations with a large regular customer or abandon a whole group.

Advertising in a chain hotel. It is believed that hotels operating under the name of a large brand give the client a certain level of quality due to "general standards". In fact, the same people work there as in small private hotels. There are no special secrets of the network service. It's just that chain hotels spend a lot more money on their advertising.

Attention to reviews. When choosing a hotel, tourists pay special attention to the reviews of other travelers. This sometimes becomes almost the most important criterion. In practice, it often turns out that positive reviews are written by the employees of the establishment themselves, and negative ones - by competitors. It is believed that positive reviews increase hotel profitability by 15%, while an abundance of negative reviews can ruin it altogether. This is why customers are always asked to leave positive reviews. However, information about the participation in the program of hotel employees can be fraught with trouble if it becomes known. But leaving feedback about competitors, honestly and indicating all the shortcomings, is not so illegal. And in order to get reliable information about the hotel, you should listen to the reviews of real friends who have been there.

Do not believe photos from the site and from the catalog. In practice, the reality may be somewhat different from what is presented in the promotional products. Some hotels, even in a high price category, do not upload photos of certain room categories to the public at all. So you should always check what exactly the chosen number looks like. This can be understood from the description, try to find photographs of predecessors on the Internet. Otherwise, dreams of a luxury room with a pool can turn into a reality of living in a cottage in the backyard or in a room in the middle of the building. The luxury villa just pictured is more expensive, much more expensive.

Discuss the possibility of a room discount. If the hotel is not fully loaded with guests, 70 percent, you can always count on a discount when paying. You just have to ask politely about it.

The tourist is directed to the right place. Some managers are afraid of customers who know exactly what they want. But other dodgers guide them wherever they want. Do you urgently need to sell your last minute deals to Turkey? Customers will be convinced that this is the best option at the moment. If hotels in Thailand give discounts, then you will have to inspire the need to visit Thailand. The managers themselves call this impact reorientation. A good employee can change plans for about half of the clients who turn to him. As a result, tourists will not go where they originally wanted, but where the agency is profitable.

Check the final price for the room. Hotels on their website may indicate room rates without VAT and without breakfast. The low price allows you to increase the attractiveness of the room. But then different markups begin to be added to the price: a 10% service charge, "taxes" on service, fees on infrastructure, tourist tax. It is worth asking the hotel uncompromisingly how much the room costs. And all additional fees can be canceled if the hotel really wants to receive a tourist.

Ignore coupon sites. Couponers were a popular tool for tricking people a few years ago. It seemed that the purchase of a coupon for a hotel provides an opportunity to save money. In practice, it turned out that the discount did not apply to all rooms, not all dates, or something was wrong with it.

Design hotels. A tourist wants to stay not just in a hotel, but in an unusual one. On this basis, designer hotels became popular 15 years ago. But often they appeared not because of the designers' sense of style, but because of the banal desire to save money on the decoration of the rooms. Design hotels are a bunch of other people's ideas adapted for the hospitality industry. Does the owner find it expensive to repaint the walls? So you can leave the brickwork without finishing or wax the plaster. The owners are happy with the savings, and the tourists themselves believe that they have joined something fashionable. In such establishments, even devastation can be imagined as an uncommon design solution.

Bribery of managers. In the hotel business, there is quite a serious competition. That is why the managers of travel agencies who communicate with tourists and influence their choice of hotels become invisible "fighters". These employees are motivated as much as possible, some with money, and some with discounts on their own accommodation. Bulgari Hotels offered managers a free watch for 4 orders. After that, you start to believe that the travel industry is the most corrupt in the world.

Mini bar. Immediately upon check-in, you should ask the maid to check the minibar. After the eviction of the previous tenants, they often forget to replenish it, automatically adding the missing drinks to the account of new tourists. And here it will be difficult to prove that the contents of the bar were used by the predecessors. It is generally worth checking what is written on the number. Customers can be very surprised when they see orders from a restaurant that were clearly not made by them.

Discount cards. Tour operators in resorts and hotels distribute discount cards. However, if there is any benefit here, it is not for the tourist. These cards usually lead to overpriced establishments. If you hide the discount card further away, you can find goods much cheaper. The main thing is not to forget to bargain, even while on vacation.

Respect for the administrator during registration. During check-in, you should put aside your phone and talk to a hotel representative. The call can be repeated after five minutes, but deliberate ignorance of the specialist will lead to the fact that he wants to take revenge. Who Needs Little Trouble? The staff are real people who demand respect, not soulless machines.

Payment for deposit. Before checking into a hotel, a tourist may be asked to make a deposit or give a credit card number. Better to give it up and pay in cash. After all, an unscrupulous employee can steal card data, and the hotel administration can post factum write off funds for any services, even those not provided. There was a case when a tour operator, who simply did not have the funds, refused to pay for a tourist who had already left. Then the full cost of living was debited directly from the client's card.

The road to the hotel. The hotel is often a couple of hours away from the airport. In this case, there is an opportunity to suffer from fraudsters. Usually tourists are loaded onto a bus, and their luggage is stored in a special compartment. There may be an inconspicuous box. A teenager can get out of it while driving, and he will open bags and suitcases. After examining them, they will be neatly closed, and the valuables will be hidden in a box. A tourist will discover the loss when his things are already in a distant pawnshop. To prevent this, you need to wrap your luggage with foil, taking the most valuable things with you on the bus.

Theft of maids. The fact that maids can steal small valuables is no secret. You shouldn't leave them in plain sight, even in expensive hotels. Safes will help to store expensive things. Maids can turn out to be "dishonest" even in prestigious hotels, not disdaining expensive linen and cosmetics. But more often than not, the staff is looking for money and jewelry. They will pull out a couple of bills from the pack so that it is not so noticeable. And the most experienced thieves do not take their prey with them at all, but hide it in the room. If the client discovers the loss before departure and causes a scandal, he will be offered to simply look in the room. A thing will be discovered - what complaints can there be against an employee? The client will also be forced to apologize. If the loss does not come to light, then it will be calmly taken away after the eviction. A maid is fired if there are several complaints about the loss during her work shift. But no one will stop her from getting a job in another hotel, where the situation will repeat itself.

Lost items. When something disappears from the room, the maid immediately wants to blame it. But it often really happens that a thing falls over the nightstand or between the beds. According to statistics, in one case out of ten, something falls out of the pocket of the trousers that are removed. In the drawers of the tables there are often things that have rolled deep into the interior. That is why, before leaving, you should carefully look into all the boxes and under the bed. If something valuable is lost, then it is worth notifying the hotel administration. In decent establishments, expensive things are handed over to the lockers, where they are kept for three months. And only then are these items given to the staff.

Close the door of the room with a lock. This advice is especially relevant if there are children in the room. Even the most respected hotels can be home to casual and unkind people. You should close the door and look after your children. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to find the loss.

Balcony door. Leaving your room for a while, you must carefully close the door to the balcony. Modern thieves, even if not spider-people, still know how to climb onto balconies even on high floors. And then - a matter of technology, you can clean the room in a few minutes. As a rule, it is already impossible to find thieves.

Lost things at the hotel. The things that the guest forgot at the hotel, then the maids play a lottery. Usually all the little things are left in the room - chargers, linen, food. But sometimes the servants are lucky and tablets and smartphones remain forgotten. Usually tourists, through a tour operator and a guide, can pick up forgotten things, but sometimes they remain unclaimed. Then the servant arranges a fun win-win game.

The myth of the daily change of linen. Even in five-star hotels, used sheets during cleaning are often simply straightened and straightened on a new one, on the second day they are turned over to the other side, then those on which they sleep and those with which they hide themselves are changed. The guest usually already leaves by this time, not having time to notice the deception. True, if the trick is still revealed, you have to honestly change your underwear.

Never be rude to staff. The staff can humbly listen to the insults of the guest, but then they will not fail to take revenge. For example, the maid can wash the floor with a client's towel and then return the item on the spot. A popular revenge is to brush a guest's toilet bowl. You can protect yourself from such a humiliating measure by soaping a toothbrush and then checking its condition. You should thank the maids with a tip, and keep the room in relative order, then you won't have to wait for revenge.

Hotel laundry. It is strongly discouraged to check in your belongings to the hotel laundry. You can get back jeans with ironed arrows or a shirt with a burnt hole in it. Or maybe the thing is completely alien to return. It will be a shame to get an old and worn one instead of an expensive branded thing. It happens that the maids rip off the labels and change them to other clothes.

Sleep in someone else's bed. The maids admit that if they have to clean a large room, and have extra time, then they can take a short nap right on the bed of the guest. It happens that the servant also goes to the toilet right in the room if there is no time to go to special toilets.

Speak loudly. Yelling at someone is not the best way to achieve justice, but sometimes the only way. Speaking in a raised voice will draw attention to the problem. Anyone who mumbles about a refund will be forgotten a couple of minutes after promising to solve the problem.

Elimination of defects. If something in the room is very annoying, you should not start yelling at the manager, as well as immediately demand something from him. This behavior of clients is familiar to him, and he will immediately become defensive. It is better to start with praise, tell that you like the hotel and not least thanks to the work of the manager. However, in order to make the hotel a true paradise, some things can be improved. You can hint that you are working on an article for a travel resource and would not like to pay attention to the negative aspects of the institution. In most cases, the manager will meet halfway and eliminate the flaws. Of course, the requirements must be reasonable.

Use disposable cups. The service usually doesn't wash cups and glasses thoroughly, but simply rinses them under running hot water right in the room sink. Visually, the dishes seem to be clean, no one will check in detail anyway.

Rats in tropical hotels. If you, while relaxing in the tropics, did not see a rat in your room, this does not mean that it is not there. If the hotel has a large garden, many rooms, its own kitchen, then it is simply unrealistic to protect all this from rats and snakes. Some hotels even specifically allow stray cats into their territory, but in most cases, rats are caught on glue and then disposed of.

Expiry date of products in the minibar. It is the responsibility of the maids to check the expiration date of the chocolates and drinks in the minibar, but many ignore this responsibility. As a result, some chocolates can sit for years. The customer should pay attention to the freshness of the food.

Free video viewing in the room. There is a rather simple and little-known trick. You can safely watch a movie in your room, and then call the reception and state that you have accidentally chosen a movie on the menu. You can also state that the movie never started or that it turned off in the middle. The employee will offer to resume viewing, but here it is already worth refusing, motivating with an early departure or an impending sleep. The money must be asked to return. Only such a trick should not be abused, otherwise the administration will suspect something was wrong.

Medical examination of the staff. In theory, all hotel workers, especially those working in the kitchen or with food, should undergo regular medical examinations. In practice, when applying for a job, other people's data and analyzes may well be provided. It happened that the waiter or even the cook was sick with syphilis, and they somehow managed to get a job.

Stealing in the kitchen. If the hotel has its own kitchen, theft will surely flourish there. Stolen food can always be blamed on the morning buffet. Thanks to such a simple and magical step, you can always reset doubtful accounts. If the hotel has a poor buffet, then the most arrogant chefs work here. The security service may notice if an employee takes out a bag of potatoes, but the piece of cheese hidden under the jacket may not be found. Chefs do not hesitate to carry even things from the office. The hotel is the best place for petty thieves.

Tipping in advance. During mass events, large dinners or discos, it is very difficult to earn the favor of a waiter. The employee's attention is scattered over so many clients. In such a situation, the preventive tip method will help great. The selected waiter must put a bill in his pocket with a meaning. After this action, the table will receive personal service.

Secondary order payment. During the holiday season, the salary of waiters increases significantly. And this is not at all about the increased tips left by customers. Some people still pay in cash by signing a check. Waiters give the document to the accounting department, and keep the cash for themselves. And when checking out, the tourist is shown the checks he signed, forcing them to pay. And indignation no longer plays a role in this - why did you have to sign a check if you paid in cash? In such a situation, when the tourist has little time before the plane, people prefer to quickly pay the bill a second time.

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