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The embodiment of the ideal abs are those six cubes on the stomach. And this sight will be truly sexy.

Athletes know that drawing cubes is impossible without a healthy diet, and this is not even a diet, and without regular physical activity. We will tell you about how to achieve your goal in the right ways.

Nutrition. A flat stomach is possible without exhausting workouts and rigid diets. To reduce belly fat, you need to eat right and exercise. The first point is important enough. The body needs food to avoid hormone imbalance. A lean diet with less than 1200 calories per day will reduce the amount of fat you burn. Weight will cease to go away quickly, as the body will not have enough leptin hormone. Those who simply exercise and do not change their diet will have to face a bad result. Exercise will not produce visible changes.

Posture. It would seem, what does posture have to do with perfect abs? In fact, by keeping your abdominal muscles tense throughout the day, you can passively improve your abs without extra effort.

AB exercises. Exercising on a machine like the AB Rocket will help beginners shape the muscles they want. But you need to remember about the importance of cardio training for achieving weight loss results. Otherwise, all efforts will be wasted. To get quick results, you will have to turn to extremely intense training. It has already been proven that this method of fighting belly fat is one of the best.

Release from stress. With an increase in the number of stressful situations in our life, the level of the corresponding hormone, cortisol, rises in the body. This leads to an increase in the amount of fat, including on the belly. Taking a few minutes of relaxation and rest each day will help your cortisol levels drop naturally.

Oatmeal for breakfast. To burn belly fat, you need to find the right food. The diet should include foods high in fiber. It doesn't matter what was previously served for breakfast - it should be replaced by a plate of oatmeal. The dish is easy to diversify by adding different berries or fruits to it. The best option is blueberries. Thanks to the fiber of the oatmeal, digestion will work better. Antioxidants from the same blueberries will help to lose fat faster. The place of these berries may well be taken by apples, raspberries, bananas or peaches.

Drink. Eating well is important, but you shouldn't forget about drinking. Lemon water will help, which is easy to make by adding lemon juice to ordinary mineral water. With the help of such a drink, fat will be burned faster, and the body will become better to remove toxins.

Bloating. There is a whole group of foods that can cause bloating. While they are useful in and of themselves, the side effect is undesirable in this case. Those who are seriously trying to improve their abs and are preparing to open the beach season soon should reduce their consumption of cabbage, peas or broccoli.

Exercises for the body. It would be a mistake to believe that in order to improve the abs, you need to focus all efforts on your stomach. If you constantly swing only the press with simple twists, then this can badly affect your posture. It will take on the same rounded appearance. Improving the press, it is worth doing a whole group of exercises, using all the muscles as much as possible. Squats with weights will help your abdominal muscles a lot. Not only will they form the abs, they will also strengthen the legs, make the buttocks elastic.

Work to the fullest. To form a beautiful press, you will have to work out all the abdominal layers, and not just their upper part. But it is she who is visible on the surface. It is the internal muscles that are responsible for the structure of the cubes. So they need pumping during training.

Excess fat. An overabundance of carbohydrates will prevent a beautiful press from appearing. "Snickers" and "Coca-Cola" after training will nullify all efforts. But it is also necessary to reduce the fat supplied with food in order to reduce his belt at the waist. A particular danger comes from trans fats found in sausages and cheeses. So it is worth carefully reading product labels, studying their composition. It is best to eat natural products in general: meat and poultry.

Healthy fats. It is still impossible to completely abandon fats. The right varieties help burn unnecessary calories and speed up your metabolism. It is worth eating foods with monounsaturated fatty acids. These are vegetable oils, nuts and avocados.

Yoga. It is worth signing up for yoga courses. Muscles will be beautiful if they are not only pumped up and enlarged, but also stretched. And yoga will help with this. Pilates lessons will get you much closer to the coveted abs on the press.

Salt. Everyone knows that salt is white death. But it is not easy to eat constantly fresh food. Supplements in the form of pepper, spices, salt or sugar give the body unnecessary "dirty" calories. And the improvement in the taste of food leads to the fact that it will be wanted even more.

Moderation. Those who regularly work out in the gym stand out for their powerful and pumped up abs. But only few people have really those ideal cubes. It's just that often a layer of fat hides a beautiful abs. You just have to eat less. And then the lost kilograms will transform the abs, giving it the desired relief.

Get plenty of protein foods. Eating red fish, chicken breast, tofu cheese can bring real pleasure to the gourmet. But at the same time, the body will also be strengthened. Protein allows muscles to grow. The more there are, the less fat remains. If you cannot get the required amount of protein from food, then sports nutrition will come to the rescue.

Weight gain. Increasing the weight of the dumbbell during exercise can help the cubes appear on the stomach. You will have to make extra efforts, strain the muscles, including on the stomach. So for exercise it is better to take heavier shells.

Balance. All exercises that shift the center of gravity and help restore balance work well for the abdominal muscles. We can talk about cycling, snowboarding, skateboarding. You can make a birch tree or stand on your hands against the wall.

Work on the back. A strong back helps a person become slimmer and visually taller. In the gym, to get this effect, you will need to work more on hyperextension and do deadlifts.

Plank. One of the most effective and simple body exercises is the plank. It is necessary to take a horizontal position, resting on the ground with the tips of the legs and hands from the elbow to the palms. Standing in this position, it will be possible to keep all the muscles in tension. Standing for ten minutes a day in this pose will help you shape your abs in just a couple of weeks. It will also be possible to give work to the muscles of the arms and legs.

Press pumping. Even regular squats will help build a strong, maybe even well-defined abs. Indeed, when performing the exercise, the abdominal muscles work. But for the appearance of cubes, it is worth a more careful approach to training this muscle group. At the end of each workout, before a hitch, you need to swing your stomach with a variety of twists and exercises.

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