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Before tackling the strengthening of immunity, you need to decide what is covered by this term. The simplest explanation for this concept can be given as "bodyguard of the body." Well, short and clear.

At the genetic level, the immune system prevents antigens from entering our body (antigens can be toxins, viruses, bacteria). Find and destroy - this is the task assigned to the system of our immunity in relation to the "strangers" who have entered the body.

The fulfillment of this task is the direct responsibility of antibodies (immunoglobulins). In addition to them, the protective function is assigned to interferon and other similar substances that are produced by the body itself. These substances help to resist such diseases as chickenpox, measles, rubella, flu and others.

Take interferon, for example. This protein begins to be produced as soon as the temperature of the human body rises, if the immune system is strong, then the amount of interferon will be produced in the required amount, and after a couple of days all the signs of flu will disappear.

The immune system must work like a clock. If it is weakened, then a person often has exacerbated chronic diseases, he is irritable, gets tired quickly and often gets sick. The reason for all this is that harmful substances cannot be quickly found and neutralized.

However, it is a mistake to believe that a strong immune response is a very good thing. Indeed, in this case, a person suffers from various allergies - his immune system practically attacks his own body.

Since childhood, our immune system has been in training. In principle, the penetration of a small amount of pathogenic microbes into the body is also beneficial to a person, because in this case his body is practically vaccinated.

Frequent sterilization of baby's toys, washing floors several times a day in the nursery, etc., parents, without knowing it, weaken the immune system of their child. But let's look at the reasons for the decrease in immunity.

1. Wrong way of life. Constant stress, lack of adequate sleep and poor nutrition affect the state of our immune system, not to mention such bad habits as smoking and drinking alcohol.

2. Influence of the environment. We cannot know for sure whether we breathe clean air, drink clean water, or are there no chemicals in the food we eat. Disturbances in the immune system can also be caused by noise pollution, including. And if each individual person can hardly influence the environment, then the first reason for the decrease in immunity lies in ourselves. A balanced diet is extremely important for the functioning of the immune system. The body should regularly receive minerals, vitamins, and, of course, proteins (especially proteins of legumes, fish and meat). Lentils, peas and beans are recommended to be consumed once or twice a week, while fish or meat should be eaten daily. Vitamin A, also essential for the normal functioning of the human immune system, can be found in butter, eggs and liver, but almost all plant foods contain beta-carotene. The latter in the human body, in fact, is converted into vitamin A. Particular attention should be paid to pumpkin, red peppers and carrots (vegetables that have a red and yellow color). Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, sauerkraut, parsley, sea buckthorn, rose hips and black currants. Antibodies are produced much more slowly if vitamin C is not enough supplied to the body. Nuts and seeds are rich in vitamins B and E (they are also rich in minerals). By the way, minerals are also found in dark chocolate and cocoa, but most of all they are rich in offal. Cholesterol is also important for the synthesis of immune bodies. In vain they consider him the most important enemy and completely avoid the use of products containing it. A certain amount of cholesterol is simply necessary for the human body. Biokefirs and other fermented milk products are also beneficial for the normal functioning of the immune system.

Below we list additional tips that make it possible to strengthen the immune system.

1. Maintain an active healthy lifestyle. Your immunity will become much stronger if you regularly visit the pool, skating rink, ski or bike (depending on the season). Exercise and hiking are also very good for the immune system.

2. Provide your body with healthy sleep. An adult should sleep at least eight hours. The preferred sleep option for a working day: from eleven in the evening until seven in the morning. Don't break this rhythm on weekends. After sleeping until lunchtime, when you wake up, you may feel not cheerfulness, but, on the contrary, drowsiness. Darkness, silence, and coolness are the three main ingredients for a healthy sleep.

3. Learn to relax. Learn to relieve stress after a hard day. Lie on the sofa. Breathe deeply and evenly. Extend your arms. Close your eyes and think of something that will please you. Relieve stress and fatigue with relaxation.

4. One of the methods of training the immune system is temperature alternation. Go to the sauna or take a steam bath. Anyone who regularly goes to a Russian bath is unlikely to suffer, say, from a chronic rhinitis. The alternation of high and low temperatures can be provided with a contrast shower. Rub your body vigorously after taking such a shower. Hardening is a very good helper in developing excellent immunity. The main rule of hardening is gradualness. You will receive both moral and physical satisfaction after you begin to properly perform procedures such as taking a contrast shower or dousing with cold water.

5. Give up bad habits. For example, it is no secret to anyone that smoking poisons the body with harmful substances.

6. Take care of the purity of the body. Remember to wash your vegetables and fruits after you bring them home from the market (and it is best to buy them from the market) or from the store.

7. Swallowing a mass of tablets is not the best way to fight the disease. Allow, to the best of its ability, the body itself to overcome the common cold, because at the same time you will increase your immunity. The body must be able to resist disease. And various folk remedies can help him.

8. Strengthen your immune system with natural remedies. Garlic, elecampane, celandine, St. John's wort, ginseng, dandelion, etc. are especially good for the immune system.

9. Vaccination will help to strengthen immunity. The disease is easier to prevent.

10. Be optimistic. Optimists, and all psychologists agree on this, get sick much less often and more easily than pessimists. A good mood is a companion of good immunity. Avoid stress.

Most importantly, you want to strengthen your immune system and take action. Remember that earning all the money will not work, and paying for it with your health is the very last thing. Enjoy life and lead a healthy lifestyle. Our life and our health are the most priceless things in the world.

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