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Are you familiar with this situation: there are a lot of things to do, and you are doing things that are completely unrelated to them? Probably yes. If so, then this article will help you cope with the laziness that occurs at times. So, let's look at a typical situation in more detail. You haven't done a project by tomorrow, your table hasn't seen order for a long time, not only have the dishes not been washed, there is a general mess in the apartment. You are "surfing" the Internet, chatting with acquaintances, looking for something interesting. Basically, you think you can get started in almost five minutes.

But the appointed time passes, and the work does not budge. Meanwhile, you find out that you have few online friends in contact, nothing new, etc. With this, you start looking for something to do (of course, things don't count). But there are no films and books that would suit you at the moment. In a word: blues. However, there is a better word: laziness. How exactly, now we'll figure it out.

To begin with, you have to recognize laziness. Pay attention to yourself. You were going to relax for an additional "day", but when did you come to your senses, it turned out that five days have passed since then? Think about it, your laziness can even lead to the fact that you do not remember what you were doing these days. They seem to have dropped out of your life. A particular symptom of laziness is malaise, but it is not common. Your discomfort is imaginary, invented by you. Another sign: irritation. Everything starts to annoy you, you don't even need a reason. You want to do something, but you have no idea what it is.

So, if you find the presence of all the symptoms of laziness, then you must immediately pull yourself together in order to get out of this state. Believe me, you can't expect good from him. Fun fact: as soon as you start work, you will immediately get involved in its process. There is only one problem: getting started, which is quite difficult. To make it easier for yourself, you should do everything in stages, so to speak, starting with small steps. Let's designate three stages of the fight against laziness.

First step. Create yourself a workspace. A table littered with a pile of papers will not inspire you to feats. Make your workplace exactly what a worker. Remove unnecessary books, fold documents neatly, find a place for all unnecessary items on the table, throw out papers that have long ceased to be of interest. The place should also be a place, that is, suitable for each thing taken separately. The first drawer of the table is not suitable for "pushing" all the contents of the table surface into it. Having finished with the table, you should take a look around your room. Remember, the general order is the key to successful work. Only in this case you will be able not to be distracted by trifles, which, thanks to laziness, will not be completed anyway. And now it's the turn of the loved one. Wash, dress in comfortable clothes, and tidy yourself up. After you open your eyes in the morning, do not immediately look for the computer power button in sleepy movements to go to social networks. At the very least, you should have a normal breakfast.

Second phase. Think back to the time. Yes, yes, your laziness, as a rule, drives you into another trap. You lose track of time and do not notice how it passes. Are you done cleaning? Time to look at your watch. Chances are, you've been cleaning much less time than you originally thought. But this is not the most important thing now. It is much more important to set goals for today, that is, to calculate your time or plan your day. Start with the most important things, do not put them off until the last moment, but it is not recommended to forget about secondary matters. Otherwise, less important things can accumulate, and then they will begin to create an unpleasant burden of unresolved problems. If you have planned your day correctly, then you "risk" finishing everything on time. Thus, there will be no place (and time) for laziness. If you are not lazy, then it will not be superfluous to praise yourself. Even if you didn’t have time to do everything that you wanted, the definite plus will be the fact that you tried and made every effort.

Stage three. If you have coped with the second stage, then it will not be superfluous to say that you practically got out of the quagmire of laziness. However, so to speak, in order to avoid relapses of enslaving you by laziness, you must follow a number of rules. They say that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. So with laziness, things are the same. The starting point for laziness is when, after a long rest, you want to rest a little more. Force yourself to do some small work, and by this effort of will, you will prevent laziness from winning. Let the little work act as a warm-up. Why is it so important to start small business? Because if you take on something big right away, you will immediately get tired of it, since the desire to rest a little more will tend to grow (your body will resist serious undertakings).

It should also be noted that sleep disturbance is also the reason for the onset of laziness, as a rule, this phenomenon can be observed at the end of the working week. Arriving home before the weekend, you may be tempted to watch late TV or surf the Internet, hoping to get some sleep tomorrow. However, when you wake up, you feel that your mood is no good. It is not difficult to get out of this state. It is enough to take a contrast shower. For the best effect, you can also go to the store in order to buy something tasty.

You can give some more tips for those who were suddenly attacked by laziness.

1. Do exercises in the morning, it will shake you up after sleep and give you strength and vigor for the whole day. And then a contrast shower. We all know that exercise is the key to our well-being throughout the day. However, few are aware that charging also reduces a person's sleep by about two hours, that is, if you spend about half an hour on charging every day, you can extend your day by an hour and a half. As for the shower, taking it has at least two positive aspects: hygiene and freshness of thought.

2. If the work is monochromatic, albeit a little, but diversify it. For example, you need to clean up the link base. You know it's slow, but worst of all, boring. In this case, you either postpone the matter until the very last moment, or rush into the fire right away, but you still do not go well. Both the one and the other ways of solving the problem are wrong. The best option for you would be to alternate monotonous work with some other. Take breaks during which you can disconnect from the boring work. Just do not forget to re-engage in monotonous work after such a break.

3. Take a short break every twenty to thirty minutes. Especially when it comes to sedentary work. Walking around your apartment or office won't take long. You can just stand or do some light exercise. It is not for nothing that the people are advised to alternate mental work with physical.

4. If things are not going well, clean up your workplace. The advice is very practical. Having created order on the desktop, there will also be a desire to do the main work.

5. Give yourself a reward for your work. Its value should be in direct proportion to the complexity of the work done.

6. Break up a lot of work. For example, you have to write a thesis. Start early, you won't regret it. It is better to spend a little time every day doing it than to sit for two weeks for twenty-four hours a day and end up with not very good results.

7. Get rid of any trash from your life.

8. Set a goal and move towards achieving it.

A person cannot live without a normal job. When he is lazy for a long time, this "occupation" becomes the cause of a sharp drop in his mood and can slowly even drive him into a depressive state.

To summarize, it should be said that the main reason for laziness is still disorder. This mess can be not only in an apartment or a separate room, but also in time and in your plans. You do not understand what it is best to take on, and a considerable amount of time will pass until you weigh everything and think. As a result, at the end of the day or week, you will be suddenly struck by the thought that you never did anything. Remember, there must be order in everything. Make this your main rule, and you will forget what that depression, into which the most common laziness drives us.

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