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Realizing all the harmfulness of nicotine addiction, a person thinks about how to leave nicotine addiction in the past. There is no need to hope that it will be easy to do this, however, it is also not worth believing that getting rid of this bad habit is a very difficult and time-consuming procedure.

In fact, quitting smoking is possible at any time. You just need to prepare yourself for this important moment in your life. These tips will undoubtedly be useful for those who have stepped on the path of getting rid of nicotine addiction (this path will not only bring satisfaction, but also give pleasure from the realization of their own willpower).

1. Think about your smoking habit, determine the degree of your addiction. Ask yourself what the habit does for you and what it doesn't. Take the time to study the effects of smoking on each organ. Assess the harm that a cigarette brings to the health of the whole organism. And stop thinking like this: "One cigarette more, one less, what's the difference." You can look in a dictionary and find out what nicotine is. And even better, if you write down the definition of this concept and every time you want to smoke a cigarette, you refer to it.

2. Consider the fact of eliminating nicotine addiction as a valuable gift to yourself. After quitting smoking, you prolong your life and improve the quality of your life. Your self-esteem will undoubtedly increase if you can overcome the bad habit in yourself.

3. After analyzing the situation, you must set a specific date on which you will commit to quit smoking. Try to do this, but don't judge yourself too harshly if it doesn't work the first time. Do not allow the thought that if it did not work out right away, then it is no longer worth trying. You have to try again and again.

4. Do not treat the disposal of cigarettes as a loss. Inspire yourself that you are not just leaving a bad habit (this can just cause a feeling of loss), but that you are throwing out of your life that which is of no value. Try to treat the new life (namely the new life) positively.

5. Realize that you are quitting smoking primarily for yourself. However, your family and friends will also receive satisfaction from this step you are taking. Respect your decision to finally get rid of your nicotine addiction.

6. It is very important not to engage in self-deception. Many smokers are familiar with the situation when they justify their bad habit with difficulties in life. He is the most that neither is self-deception. Smoking is the number one difficulty. Having coped with it, it will be easier to cope with other difficulties. A significant number of smokers justify their behavior as unwillingness to gain excess weight. And this is also self-deception. Even if after quitting smoking you slightly gain weight, all the same, the energy that appears in you will not make it possible to gain this weight. The increase in weight is not due to smoking cessation at all, but due to overeating.

7. Find a job you like. Engage yourself completely in something. The thought that it's time to smoke another cigarette won't just go away. Devote more time to family and friends, delve into work, find a hobby. You can visit non-smoking areas as often as possible. You can go swimming (great idea).

8. Quit smoking today. This means that you do not need to scare yourself with the thought that you are giving up this "pleasure" forever and that you are losing this "pleasure" for yourself. Be proud that you haven't smoked for an hour, half a day, a day. After a longer period of time has passed, look back with pride and tell yourself that you can quit smoking, that you are strong in spirit.

9. If you do not have the courage to quit a bad smoking habit in one day, then you can do it gradually. Make a program that you will rely on for the next period of time. Determine how many fewer cigarettes you will smoke on each subsequent day. Never allow yourself to deviate from the program you have developed. Be sure to mark the day when you will stop smoking altogether. And you should not wait with horror for this day, you should consider it as an important day in your life.

10. Try not to give in to feelings of anger. You need to understand that you are starting a new life, and you need to treat yourself with love and respect. Smokers tend to react to anger by smoking one cigarette after another. Try to avoid situations that can upset or anger you. In addition, you should avoid feeling hungry, as it can impersonate the desire to smoke another cigarette. Do not be annoyed at anything, as the feeling of irritation will certainly make it clear to the brain that a cigarette can help in this situation.

11. The desire to smoke causes not only anger and hunger, but also fatigue and loneliness. Avoid fatigue and be with pleasant people.

12. Find something to do with your hands. Wean them off the habit of holding a cigarette. At first, you can use a specially purchased small rubber ball. Avoid idleness and boredom.

13. Buy yourself some candy. To some extent, they neutralize the habit of constantly smoking. Lemonade and jerky can help to eliminate a negative habit. Do not eat fatty foods (including cookies). However, the effect of lollipops may decrease with prolonged use.

14. Refrain from drinking alcohol while you quit smoking. After all, alcohol significantly reduces your ability to resist the urge to smoke.

15. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Self-pity is a trap. Such pity leads to the idea that you deserve at least one cigarette. Think that the discomfort caused by your quit smoking will end soon.

16. Do not forget that no matter how hard it takes you to quit smoking, the very first cigarette you smoke again will certainly lead to the fact that the bad habit will again enter your healthy lifestyle. The idea that you can quit smoking again at any time is very deceiving.

17. Emphasize to yourself everything positive that is happening in you. For example, you have stopped coughing so common to all smokers, or your teeth have become whiter and healthier.

18. Help other people with advice in eliminating nicotine addiction. By helping them, you are helping yourself, as your brain gets an even more powerful mindset to quit smoking for the rest of your life.

Quit smoking perhaps, you should not be afraid and drive away thoughts about the dangers of smoking from yourself. On the contrary, it is better to think about it and dot the "i" s. Quit this bad habit yourself, and also help other smokers with advice. After breaking up with nicotine addiction, you can be proud of yourself. You were able to quit smoking!

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