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When a crisis hits, everyone tries to save money. Even the number of flight attendants is being reduced by some carriers.

All this leads to tension and conflicts flaring up in the cabin of a flying plane. It is worth learning the basic rules of passenger behavior on board the liner in order to avoid unnecessary quarrels and not spoil your air travel.

Remember the work of the airport security service. It is worth planning your behavior a couple of steps ahead when boarding an aircraft. This will help to avoid security problems and long searches. All metal objects from the pockets must be moved in advance to the upper pockets or into a special bag that will be sent through X-ray. This will save time when passing through the metal detector.

Arrange things so that they do not interfere with anyone. After the bags leave the conveyor belt, you should position yourself so as not to interfere with others. If you have a lot of things, then you should carry the smallest bag with you. There you can put those accessories that are constantly present in your pockets. Luggage placed between the legs will not cause problems. But large bags and suitcases should be placed vertically next to you, leaving room for others.

Maintain courtesy to flight attendants. The rules that are constantly mentioned on board the plane were not invented by the flight attendants. But it is they who should monitor their implementation. The standards were developed by various organizations, taking into account the long-term operation of air transport. With the help of such rules, passengers can be transported both more conveniently and safer. There is no point in arguing about the need to fasten your seat belts or raise the back of your chair. But a scandal on this basis may result in a flight delay. It is worth asking if you can use electronic gadgets during takeoff, landing and flight. Some companies have already dropped this outdated prohibition.

Warn neighbors about your desire to recline the back of the chair. The reclining back of a chair can be more than just a source of discomfort for others. A sudden movement can damage the equipment, overturn a glass with a drink. But this situation can be avoided - you just need to look back and warn your neighbor.

Drink caution. Many are attracted by the opportunity to relax in flight with the help of alcohol. But here it is important to know when to stop, otherwise you can lose control over yourself. As a result, you can make a scandal and get a fine. And teetotal passengers will be unpleasant to be in the neighborhood, even if they are with a calm, but a sharp smell of alcohol. It is worth remembering that you have to run to the toilet every half hour.

Understanding the neighbor in the middle of the row. If the chair is in the middle of the row, then stretching in it will be difficult. That is why a person who is in such a place needs to be helped by giving up the armrests. This rule is unspoken, but many are unfamiliar with it or simply disagree. Those who sit in the middle, with the help of the armrests, can somehow compensate for the inability to lean back and stretch their legs.

Do not forget about the rules of hygiene. A person with an unpleasant smell will cause hostility from others. That is why you should take a shower or at least use a deodorant before departure. But you shouldn't abuse perfumery - you need to approach this issue reasonably. And before the flight, it is worth eating such food that does not want to go out soon in the form of gases.

Do not annoy fellow travelers with conversation. Many people do not take flight well. Despite all the comfort that is created in modern liners, stress does not disappear anywhere. In this case, obsession from neighbors will only get in the way. The conversation should be welcome to all parties. If a person is reluctant to make contact, then you should not annoy him. Everyone has the right to rest and silence. Many simply respond out of a sense of politeness, unable to ignore the importunity. If a neighbor is trying to insistently strike up a conversation, then he should not be rude. In this case, you can obviously start reading a book or use headphones. This will help you get rid of the unpleasant conversation. Psychologists advise using this technique: when the conversation drags on for 10 minutes, you should call the interlocutor to the end of the salon, so as not to disturb others.

Get up at a convenient time for everyone. You shouldn't go to the toilet when a stewardess is walking around the cabin with a food cart. So you can get stuck yourself and disturb the staff. Not everyone will be able to squeeze through the narrow passage.

Try not to disturb your neighbors with your sleep. Being in the middle of the row or at the aisle and getting ready to sleep, you should leave the corridor for neighbors. This way, they will be able to quietly leave without waking you up. You will also need a pillow, you will need to sit on it so as not to slide on your neighbor's shoulder. It will be awkward for him to wake up, and it is difficult to move.

Use the toilet quickly. The in-flight washroom is always in demand; there are always a lot of people who want to use this room. Everyone has the same right to use a clean toilet quickly. And in public places, you should not leave trash after yourself, because other people will soon be here.

Get out of the car quickly without disturbing others. Everyone wants to leave the plane as soon as possible. But the advantage should be given to those who sit in front. During this time, you can collect your things and get ready to go out. Having already made sure that the passage is clear, you can leave the liner yourself.

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