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Omelet is a famous French dish, loved and popular all over the world. But it's still more of a ritual food.

The original omelette recipe is simple. This dish is prepared with tomatoes, cheese, ham, cottage cheese, herbs and bacon, mushrooms and peppers.

Even for those with a sweet tooth, a variant of a chocolate omelet has been created. And to make the omelet really perfect, you should learn a few secrets of its preparation.

Mixing. Thoroughly stirring the eggs with milk will make the omelet tastier. At the same time, to achieve the best result, it is worth processing the mass not with a mixer, but with a fork or whisk. Then you can carefully add the filling to the whipped mass. This will make the omelet really airy. Those who wish to make an omelet-souffle should beat the whites separately, and then add the yolks and milk.

Eggs. For the most airy and light omelet, you need homemade eggs, not store eggs. A dietary meal can be made by using only proteins. If you need a dish that is denser in composition, then you will need to use only yolks.

Excess fluid. The food will be spoiled by excess liquid. Ideally, there should be about 20 milliliters of milk per egg. If there is more of it, then the finished dish will begin to quickly release moisture. Then the omelet will fall off immediately.

Cap. Experienced chefs know that omelets should only be cooked under the lid of a pan. Interestingly, if you also grease the lid on the inside with a piece of butter, then the dish will turn out to be more fluffy and tasty than usual.

Roasting. Do not let the omelet burn. In order for the dish to evenly fry and rise, it is necessary to periodically shake it in a pan. It is necessary to start cooking the omelet over high heat, waiting for the rise and consolidation. Then the fire should be tempered to a minimum level and cooked until the final stage. If the omelet is cooked the way it should, it will easily crawl out of the pan onto the plate.

The secret of splendor. If you want to certainly achieve the splendor of the dish, then add a little semolina or flour to the mass. But it's important not to overdo it. Otherwise, the tender omelet will become a flat and dense crust. Usually one and a half teaspoons of flour is enough for a mixture of four eggs.

Creamy taste. This taste adorns the omelet. You can get it by adding a couple of teaspoons of sour cream or mayonnaise to the mixture for 4 eggs.

Omelet dishes. It is very important what the omelet will be prepared in. The pan needs a thick and even bottom. It is best to prepare a cast iron product for these purposes. The lid should be prepared such that there is a hole in it for moisture to escape. This way the omelet can get rid of excess liquid.

Oil. Frying an omelet is in vegetable oil, adding a small piece of butter. If you neglect this advice and use only vegetable oil, then the dish will not be as soft and aromatic.

Greenery. An omelet is good with herbs, but it should not be added to a semi-prepared mixture, but sprinkled on a ready-made dish immediately before serving. This will keep the smell of greenery, its taste and vitamins.

Experiments. An omelet is a dish that allows and even requires constant experimentation. Original options can be found, both in the recipe book, and come up with yourself. And even if the perfect omelet does not come out right away, the skill will come quickly. A simple and original breakfast can energize the whole day.

Innings. Serve the omelette folded in half or even rolled into a tube. If the dish turns out to be large, then it can be cut into pieces. It is allowed to divide the omelet with a pair of forks into small pieces and then fry them until crispy.

The original recipe. In pursuit of experiments, do not forget about the real French omelet recipe. The French do without flour, milk, water and other things. Yes, and splendor is not required from such a dish, so the pan does not close with a lid.

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