100 Things to Do in Life

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I want something memorable to happen every day. Where to go when there are so many interesting countries around ?!

What to cook for breakfast, because there are so many delicious things in the store ?! We have to choose every minute. One person made a list of the things he thinks are the most important things to do in life. So:

1. Fall asleep under the stars.
2. Turn off your cell phone for a week.
3. Swim with dolphins.
4. Dive with scuba diving.
5. Try tequila in Mexico.
6. Learn English.
7. Climb trees.
8. Make love on the beach.
9. Blow bubbles.
10. Write your life story.

11. Write a letter and send it in a bottle at sea.
12. Plant a tree.
13. See the penguins.
14. Learn to dance salsa.
15. Create your own business.
16. Fall in love without memory.
17. Be a member of the jury.
18. Dance all night.
19. Stand under the waterfall.
20. Celebrate Halloween in America.

21. Lying on the ocean and listening to the sound of the waves.
22. Learn to skate.
23. Take part in the carnival in Venice.
24. Write your plan for the year and follow it.
25. Observe a lunar eclipse.
26. Celebrate the New Year in an exotic location.
27. Jump with a parachute.
28. Love yourself.
29. Invite a stranger on a date.
30. Have sex in a restaurant toilet.

31. Buy very expensive clothes.
32. Learn to drive a car.
33. Visit Paris.
34. Spend a whole day with a book.
35. Meet real friends.
36. See the sunset in Bali.
37. See with your own eyes 7 wonders of the world.
38. Jump into the sea from a cliff.
39. Overcome the fear of failure.
40. Play with koalas.

41. Go on a sea voyage.
42. Play big on your friends.
43. Climb the Eiffel Tower.
44. Donate anonymously.
45. Make a sudden surprise to your loved one.
46. ​​Smoke a hookah.
47. Create your own website or blog.
48. Hang out in Ibiza.
49. Build your family tree.
50. Spend a weekend at the spa.

51. Run a marathon.
52. Go snowboarding.
53. Meditate for 3 hours.
54. Hold a live butterfly in your palms.
55. Ride a horse along the coast.
56. Meet someone on the street.
57. Give a homeless person your breakfast.
58. Take part in a flash mob.
59. Learn to use the computer well.
60. Eat potatoes cooked over the fire.

61. Spend the whole day with your loved one in bed.
62. Leave for an unfamiliar city for the whole day and wander there alone.
63. Make your own movie.
64. Build a house.
65. Get an autograph from a star.
66. Attend a football match in a giant stadium.
67. Go hunting.
68. Drive your bike for at least 100 kilometers.
69. Do something with your own hands and sell it.
70. Fly in a hot air balloon.

71. Ride a camel or an elephant.
72. Visit all continents.
73. Visit the carnival in Brazil.
74. Climb the slope of some great mountain.
75. Spend the day in the forest, eating whatever is there.
76. Go surfing.
77. See the Vienna Opera.
78. Visit all the capital cities of Europe.
79. Learn to photograph beautifully.
80. Learn to speak Italian.

81. Learn to dance tango in Argentina.
82. Swim in clothes.
83. Swim naked at night.
84. Take part in a wine tasting in the cellar.
85. Completely change your image.
86. Climb the volcano.
87. Visit a nudist beach.
88. Try a dish that causes fear.
89. Get on the cover of a magazine.
90. Win the competition.

91. Ride on the back of a turtle.
92. Run through the puddles in a thunderstorm.
93. Ride a convertible.
94. Meet a Hollywood star.
95. Overeat strawberries.
96. Exchange souvenirs with the leader of a wild tribe.
97. Get a tattoo.
98. Write a book.
99. Make a list of 100 of your achievements.
100. Die.

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